Billboard vs Video Production

Have you ever thought about the cost of getting a billboard vs video production?

Considering a custom video production may take weeks of numerous people’s time planning, shooting, editing, revising, and eventually distributing the video – the thought of custom video can seem daunting.

Video can be challenging to wrap your head around. It’s pixels on a screen with some audio for your ears to listen to. Is it really worth the investment of both time and money? What about other options in digital advertising?

I could think of a hundred different options from direct mailer postcards to newspaper ads to billboards to tv to radio. Sure – they seem more established and old school but do they provide the same ROI of video?

Let’s compare digital video production costs versus billboard costs.

How much money is wasted – WASTED – thousands and thousands of dollars on this thing in a city or off the side of a road that doesn’t really get any kind of engagement or meaningful conversions? It’s like this thing – your ad – just gets thrown out to the masses.

It’s not even targeting a certain demographic.

Compare that to an emotionally compelling film that is shown precisely where you need it to be shown, for the right people.

Not saying there’s NO value to a billboard, rather, count how many billboards you’ve driven by in the last 7 days.
– Did you purchase any of the services or products advertised on them?
– Did you share any of the billboards with friends or family on your Facebook wall?
– Did you comment and interact with the brand on the billboard?
– Did you subscribe to updates or like any of the company pages with a billboard?
– Did anyone republish pictures of your billboard and share them for FREE?

Now ask yourself – in the last 7 days can you recall seeing a Youtube video that made you laugh or that you shared on social media? The last time you were on Amazon shopping – did you watch a video review of the product you purchased and did it help your purchase decision?

Just like videos make it easier for you to shop online – it helps your customers make purchasing decisions about your business.

Whether you have a restaurant, a law firm, a vein clinic, a plastic surgery or laser eye clinic, video marketing can help your potential customers make decisions towards doing business with your business.

So the next time you are comparing a billboard vs video production just ask yourself if you’ve really tapped the surface yet with custom video marketing.


Billboard vs Video Production

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