MSP Video Production Company in Minneapolis / St Paul MN Area

Often company budgets don’t allow you to fly a full film crew across the country to produce a small commercial video shoot. When national / global companies like Deloitte, Comcast, Servicemaster, etc are looking for a Minneapolis video production company near MSP International Airport, they often want to work with a company in the Minneapolis and St Paul MN area. Provid Films offers a complete, professional, experienced local video production solution to companies like yours.

An example may be when you have executives in town for an convention, trade show or educational event at the Minneapolis Convention Center. While a company may rarely have all of their executives in one area, this type of situation allows you a unique opportunity to create some great video content of your key employees without taking a lot of their time here. A great way to do that is shooting interviews and talking head videos against a green screen (or a beautiful scenic shot of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis or the Minnesota River in the Twin Cities).

Using a video production company located near the MSP International Airport like Minneapolis based Provid Films allows you to maximize your production budget without wasting it on overtime, travel fees, and the uncertainty with flying your gear cross-country. Above and beyond eliminating travel issues, we bring you a trusted guide to help with all your questions regarding our regional uniqueness. Whether you have questions about location scouting, weather, construction issues that might influence the audio in your videos, and suggesting simple things like wardrobe or craft services.

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convention event near the MSP International Airport - photo by Provid Films