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Experienced Camera Operators & Camera Crew:

  • our crew is available via phone, email, text, and video chat to help you with planning (pre-production coordination)
  • we are happy to help review your script writing if you’d like
  • we have connections to local actors and casting talent for a variety of demographics
  • being located in Minneapolis, we offer location scouting around the Minneapolis / Saint Paul Minnesota area
  • we are happy to do in-studio or on-site filming
  • do you need a green screen setup? We have options to bring a green screen setup to your business to save your employees time commuting as well as the hookup for full a soundproofed soundstage
  • cinema quality camera resolutions: everything from your legacy HD 1080p to 4k, 6k, and even 8k RED camera options!
  • professional audio recording: whether you need basic wireless, boom, or a dedicated sound operator (filming and voice over options available as well)
  • on-site digital tech: log footage, back it up on-set, and make your shoot day that much smoother, and transcode your files throughout the day.
  • video editing (post-production) in Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve. We can help you with the initial cutting and trimming to save you a TON of time
  • flexible delivery: we can deliver via overnight FEDEX hard drives, same day via digital download (and our super fast internet connection)

Get a FREE Quick Quote Now or Call 612-208-8819

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