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About Us



In 2012, we started Provid Films with the goal of making the world a better place through video storytelling.

Lofty goal right?

How exactly does Provid Films make the world a better place?

We believe that when we empower OTHERS who are making the world a better place – accomplish more, attract more donors and customers, and BE more – that’s how we do more. 

We make the world a better place when we help organizations like yours, make the world a better place. 


How does Provid Films solve problems?

We solves problems with video.

We are a Creative Video Agency (fancy name for video production company) that offers consulting services in the video creation space. 



What type of problems can Provid Films solve?

1) Increasing leads: attract qualified leads in a saturated market

2) Increasing revenue per sale: maximize revenue to each customer

3) Increasing sales per customer: more effectively encourage repeate purchases with upselling and cross selling complementary products and services to your existing customer base. 

4) Enhancing brand awareness: stand out in a crowded market to increase brand value profits

5) Improving customer engagement: increase reach and engagement

6) Educating customers: simplify complex information to make it more accessible and easily understood by customers – to build trust and authority in your industry

7) Increase lead generation: in competitive and complex markets, we can help you get seen

8) Enhancing social proof: showcase your real client testimonials to build credibility and trust to new customers through real case studies with real customers.





Graphic of a cameraman and a commercial model with the text saying


Example Real-Client Case Study:

We’ve worked wit organizations like Depart Smart. Where the athletic, vibrant, role model student Tyler Hill (barely 16 years old at the time) researched and chose to take off on a “People to People Student Ambassador” trip to Japan. After his researching and preparation for the trip – he and his loving parents hugged and kissed him before flying off on his adventure. So when the news came that Tyler had been involved in an accident – a preventable situation really – and that he had died without ever getting to say goodbye to his parents – they were devastated.

Turning his memory, his energy, his drive into a positive force, his mother Sheryl quit her career in corporate America to found an non-profit organization to prevent any other family from suffering the same pain.

How did she do it?  Through on online travel safety organization teaching high schoolers, college students, and employees of all ages how to depart smart. Provid Films has helped her create radio and tv commercials and PSA’s that were aired across the USA – getting MILLIONS of views.




Aside from Steven Spielberg’s ability to create immersive worlds, our storytelling method and approach is heavily influenced by the psychology taught by the Muse Storytelling Academy (TM) crew and Donald Miller’s Storybrand (TM). We have no affiliation or endorsements from any of them, however this Youtube video really does a good job of sharing why storytelling matters. This video below is by our “mentors” over at Muse as he explores death, disease, and leading a purposeful life. As they say, you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their mentors. Enjoy this video made by Muse (not us).


Customer’s Story: 

 Perhaps you run (or lead) a company that is on a mission to change the world?

 Whether that’s one life or one product at a time – we believe that we can change the world when you change the world.

 So what is the mission and vision of your company? Your product? Your service? Your organization?


Solve problems – make an impact:

 Companies exist to solve problems – and when we help you get more customers – that means we’re helping people solve real problems. 

 Whether you produce widgets or deliver professional services or develop software or feed people who are hungry – if you are doing something good in the world – we feel we can do good by helping you grow.

 Provid Films exists to help the best businesses and organizations like yours make a positive difference in our world. We deliver custom commercial video production services for businesses, associations, schools, non-profits, and organizations like yours.

  If you are looking to tell an engaging story that emotionally connects and inspires action – and you don’t have a commercial video production partner in the USA.

We sift through every inquiry to determine if we’re the right fit because we don’t want to create just another tv advertisement or Youtube video ad.

   We want to reveal the story behind your widget – helping donors see specifically why your organization is the one making the impact they care most about this year.



Real Client Testimonial from DoorLoop


Story always comes first.

 Always asking:

  • what is the story?
  • What is the purpose?
  • Why does THIS or THAT matter?

   Reducing the picture to its bare necessities where everything contributes to the vision and message.

    Everything has a purpose.

   From there, we’re building the story to it’s most compelling and powerful form possible.

It started with a passion.

   Starting out in the professional photography industry back in 2006 as a photojournalist, portrait and event photographer, Provid Films’ founder Travis Johansen sought to blend the pure visual aesthetics of photography with the emotional power of moving pictures and audio in video. In 2012, Travis founded Provid Films to bring that vision to life.

   What emerged was a unique style and perspective of commercial video production. As Provid Films has grown, it is with those roots that each story grows.

White Glove:

We make it easy.

   Back in 2006 when our founder Travis was doing weddings, he encountered (as you can imagine) “bridezillas”. But he never saw them as bridezillas. He saw them as just particularly detailed, sometimes hard to please and challenging. When you can please a bride on the most stressful day of their life – working in the corporate and commercial video production industry is a breeze.


   Get It Done

   Yes / Can Do Attitude.

   You’re not looking for a complicated process.

   That’s why Provid Films created an easy video production system that guides you each step of the way from your first inquiry, through the production phase, and finally through the marketing and optimization of your finished marketing video.

Convenient located in the Minneapolis – St. Paul – Twin Cities of Minnesota

   Part of the benefit of hiring a local video production company in Minnesota is our location.

   It’s true – we work on projects NATIONWIDE – but there’s something magical about working on projects in-person sometimes.

  You can schedule an appointment to meet us at our Minneapolis studio location – sit in our edit bay as we put the finishing touches on your tv commercial or Youtube ad – seeing our color grading and final tweaks to your film – or come in for a grand reveal of your finished film premiere!

   After working with us, people often say how great it is to work with a video production company in Minneapolis for many reasons.

–   We have ample free off street parking.

–   We have a dedicated producer working with you from start to finish.

–   We are easy to work with.

–   We are available via phone, text and email when you have questions.

–   We are conveniently located right in the heart of the Twin Cities.

–   We offer virtual and in-person tech scouts for projects.


Your Project:

   Would it be helpful to have a site visit with a video producer before your video shoot to discuss details in person? Or would you prefer a Zoom call with people at your company located around the world?

   Our experience and decades of living right here in the MSP / Twin Cities area can help you get the best video production possible.

   Your project can benefit from a crew that knows the area.

   And if your project involves other states or countries? 

  We work with local and international corporations/organizations to produce content here (and across the world) with minimal or zero travel costs.

   Yes – we work on projects nationwide – being a Delta Hub really comes in clutch.


1720 Madison St. NE, Suite 200, Minneapolis MN 55413

Virtual Crew Services:

   One way we make the process efficient is through our virtual crew services.

   Imagine yourself being on-set with your commercial video production crew – all the things you’d expect.

– you can see the talent (just like using directors monitors)

– you can hear the dialog (just like wearing headphones on-site)

– talent can see you talking (just like asking questions eye-to-eye for an interview on site)

– you can ask the director to change things or your camera operator to “grab a shot” of something going on (just like on-site)

It can all be done remotely!

Ask us about our Virtual Crew Services on the contact form below and we’ll give you the details.  

We want to hear your story.

   If you’re ready to share your story (or just learn more about our process of achieving your organization’s goals), please give us a call at +1 (612) 208-8819 or fill out the quick quote request right on this page for a speedy commercial video production pricing quote.

Be remarkable, be generous, tell your brand story

If you’re looking for some top notch training on brand storytelling, we’d recommend checking out Donald Miller’s Storybrand framework / BrandScript training and download our free pdf – as we’re definitely fans of his research and best selling books, courses, and content. We don’t have any formal affiliation with him or his organization, we’re just big fans.

For projects with longer stories – we use a different storytelling framework.

It’s a framework by Muse Storytelling Academy (formerly Stillmotion) – and National Public Radio (NPR).

We see NPR and MUSE as authories in long-form storytelling frameworks.

And lastly, we love Seth Godin.

(again, disclaimer: we have no formal affiliate links or affiliation with these organizations – we share them to give you a glimpse into our mentors and education beyond our formal degrees in school).


Here’s a little vlog from a shoot back in 2020.