About us:

Cinematic storytelling meets commercial video production.

In a world full of negative news, noisy advertising, and obnoxious interruptions of our daily life, Provid Films was founded with one commercial video production goal. That goal was to empower organizations and business leaders in telling their story.

Stories about organizations like Depart Smart. The athletic, vibrant, role model student Tyler Hill (barely 16 years old at the time) researched and chose to take of on a People to People Student Ambassador trip to Japan. After his researching and preparing for the trip – he and his loving parents hugged and kissed before flying off on his journey. When the news came that Tyler had been involved in an accident – a preventable situation really – and that he had died without ever getting to say goodbye to his parents – they were devastated. Turning his memory, his energy, his drive into a positive force, his mother Sheryl quit her career in corporate America to found an organization to prevent any other family from suffering the same pain. How is she doing this? Through on online travel safety organization teaching high schoolers, college students, and employees of all ages how to depart smart. Provid Films has helped her create radio and tv commercials and PSA’s that are currently being aired across the USA.

Perhaps you run or are part of an organizations / business that is changing Minneapolis one life at a time – perhaps you’re helping a small business reach big aspiration – or perhaps you feel stuck in a medium sized company that is doing great work but you don’t feel like you’re making the difference you desire.

Provid Films exists here, right in your backyard, to help the best businesses and organizations like yours make a positive difference in our world. We offer custom commercial video production services for businesses, associations, schools, non-profits, and organizations looking to tell an engaging story that emotionally connects and inspires action. We’re more than just great commercial video production company in Minneapolis making marketing videos to sell stuff. We sift through every inquiry to determine if we’re the right fit because we don’t want to create just another tv advertisement or Youtube video ad.

We want to reveal the story behind your widget – helping donors see specifically why your organization is the one making the impact they care most about this year.

Story always comes first.

Always asking: what is the story? What is the purpose? Why does THIS or THAT matter? Reducing the picture to its bare necessities where everything contributes to the vision and message. Everything has a purpose. From there, we’re building the story to it’s most compelling and powerful form possible.

It started with a passion.

Bringing years of professional photography experience with a photojournalistic wedding and lifestyle portrait style, Provid Films’ founder Travis Johansen sought to blend the pure visual aesthetics of photography with the emotional power of audio.

What emerged was a unique style and perspective of commercial video production. As Provid Films has grown, it is with those roots that each story grows.

Make it easy

You’re not looking for a complicated process. That’s why Provid Films created an easy video production system that guides you each step of the way from your first inquiry, through the production phase, and finally through the marketing and optimization of your finished marketing video.

Convenient Minneapolis / St. Paul / Twin Cities Location

Part of the benefit of hiring a local video production company in Minnesota is our location. Stop on by for an in person meeting in our fun office space – or sit in our edit bay as we video edit your film.

After working with us, people often say how great it is to work with a video production company in Minneapolis. We have ample free off street parking, we are easy to work with, we are available when you have questions, and you literally can stop on by.

Would it be helpful to have a site visit with a video producer before your video shoot to discuss details in person?

Being a local Minneapolis video advertising company, our experience and knowledge of the MSP Twin Cities area can help you get the best video production possible. We work with local and international corporations/organizations to produce content here without any travel costs or uncertainties involved with flying crew and gear across the country.

We want to hear your story.

If you’re ready to learn more about sharing your story and how our small video production company may help you accomplish your organization’s goals, please give us a call at +1 (612) 208-8819 or fill out the quick quote request right on this page for a speedy commercial video production pricing quote.

We look forward to hearing your story.

The Process We Use

Over the years, we’ve gone through a lot of storytelling training.

If you’re looking for some top notch training on brand storytelling, we’d recommend checking out Donald Miller’s Storybrand framework with his BrandScript training – definitely recommend it.

The framework we love for longer stories – or more emotional and deeper connections is by Muse University (formerly Stillmotion). They’ve authored different books on story telling, they’ve filmed multiple feature length documentaries, they’ve worked for global brands in different continents, and their work is memorable.

To give you a taste of their methodology we’ve learned from there, check out this Youtube video from Muse Storybuilder. It’s part of the process we use to tell memorable stories.