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Every brand has a story. Video is one of the most powerful mediums we have to connect and tell stories. That's why we make handcrafted videos designed to #1 Connect and #2 Do. We want your video to connect with the viewer in an authentic and engaging way - because through that connection you have that much more power to ask them to Do something. Perhaps you want your viewers to learn something, purchase something, fill out an inquiry form or make a donation. We make videos that move people to do something. Connection + Action = Success.


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Provid Films -

For immediate assistance, please call:

Inside Minnesota: 612.208.8819

Outside Minnesota: 1-800-397-8461 

Provid Films – 1720 Madison St NE, Suite #304, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55413

LOOK FOR: When you get here, the building is a historic brick building and we are in the top level suites facing the parking lot.

Enter the door that says “Carriage House”  on the black awning.

Google Maps takes you right here!