Business Brand Story Films

It’s time your business brand story gets filmed!

Brand Stories are your business’s must-have marketing asset.

What is a business brand story?

 your chance to share your company’s story in a way that

– captures

– connects

– compels

your viewers to take a step with your business. 

At Provid Films, we believe in the power of story.

Take a listen to this brand story we filmed up at The Park Event Center in St Cloud MN

We had a crew of 8 people and produced this same-day edit to be presented to their audience LIVE at the event.

Our mission was to capture the brand story.

What do you think of it? 


Business Brand Story FIlm at The Park Event Center _ St Cloud Area Event Center in Waite Park MN
iconic st cloud business brand story film


Director of Photography / Producer Travis Johansen (located in Minneapolis MN) travels nationwide with camera gear from California to NYC, Las Vegas Nevada, Birmingham Alabama, Philadelphia PA, Denver Colorado, of course Minneapolis Minnesota and Chicago Illinois – and everywhere in between to capture the raw footage for the promotional videos and business brand story films.

One benefit of Provid Films and Travis Johansen is his background experience filming events – the reason that’s important is that it makes it easy to pack light and travel quickly while nailing shot after shot in creative new ways.

Whether DP Travis is hanging out the back of a pickup on the mountains of Boulder Colorado, capturing b-roll and interviews in Jefferson City Missouri, livestreaming a 2-way interview in Miami Florida with the remote interviewer in the UK, filming footage for a chain of Minnesota car dealership’s TV commercials, time and time again Travis Johansen is helping brand’s tell their story in the most visually captivating and emotionally moving way possible.

Whether the budget is large or small, a creative mind and flexible camera kit (which is the type of video gear Provid Films owns) –

We’re always filming angles and shots that others aren’t able or are unwilling to go out and get.

Available for commission nationwide.


Let’s Connect: what’s your business brand story?