Business Brand Story Film

Minneapolis based video marketing company Provid Films often tasked with the privilege of producing marketing, recruiting and training videos for companies worldwide.

Director of Photography / Producer Travis Johansen (located in Minneapolis MN) travels nationwide with camera gear from California to NYC, Las Vegas Nevada, Birmingham Alabama, Philadelphia PA, Denver Colorado, of course Minneapolis Minnesota and Chicago Illinois – and everywhere in between to capture the raw footage for the promotional videos and business brand story films.

One benefit of Provid Films and Travis Johansen is his background experience filming events – the reason that’s important is that it makes it easy to pack light and travel quickly while nailing shot after shot in creative new ways.

An example of that nimble filmmaking would be while filming in Boulder Colorado from the back of a Chevy truck’s pickup bed on the roads up and down the mountains. Capturing footage that could often require large budgets but with a creative mind and flexible camera gear (which is the type of video gear Provid Films owns) – we’re always filming angles and shots that others aren’t able or are unwilling to go out and get.

Video editing for this project with Business Brand Story Film was done back in our Minneapolis video studio by Max, Tatum, and Travis at Provid Films

Available for commission nationwide.

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