Case Study: Elevating the Law Office of Carrie Loch with Provid Films’ Brand Story Video


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Who is the Law Office of Carrie Loch?

The Law Office of Carrie Loch, based in the Twin Cities, is a focused-practice law firm specializing in personal injury law, family law matters, civil litigation, and civil rights cases. The firm has a reputation for being fierce and empathetic, taking cases from initial injury through litigation and recovering millions of dollars for clients. Despite their success, they recognized the need to elevate their brand and save time on client interactions. Provid Films, a leading video production company, was brought in to create a Brand Story video for the firm.

What challenges did Provid Films help their law firm with?

Carrie Loch’s law firm was already well-regarded for its expertise in various legal domains, but they faced challenges in:

  • Efficiently conveying their brand story to potential clients.
  • Building rapport and answering common questions without spending excessive time on phone calls.
  • Differentiating themselves in a saturated market of law firms.

How did Provid Films brand video help the law firm?

Provid Films was commissioned to produce a Brand Story video that would encapsulate the essence of the Law Office of Carrie Loch. The video aimed to:

  • Showcase the firm’s areas of expertise, including personal injury, family law, and civil rights cases.
  • Highlight the firm’s unique selling points, such as their no-recovery, no-fee policy.
  • Build rapport by introducing Carrie Loch and her team, thereby humanizing the brand.

What results did video bring to the law firm?

Time Efficiency

The video has been instrumental in saving time for the firm. Potential clients can now get to know the firm, its areas of expertise, and its unique selling propositions without requiring a preliminary phone call. This has streamlined the client acquisition process significantly.

Increased Professionalism

The video has been well-received within the legal community. Many other law firms have complimented Carrie Loch on the video’s professionalism, thereby elevating the firm’s standing among peers.

Marketing and Growth

The Brand Story video has not only been an effective tool for client engagement but has also served as a powerful marketing asset. The firm has seen an uptick in inquiries and client engagements since the video’s launch.

Looking back, what’s the result now?

The collaboration between the Law Office of Carrie Loch and Provid Films has been a resounding success. The Brand Story video has not only saved time but has also elevated the firm’s level of professionalism and aided in its marketing efforts. It stands as a testament to the power of well-crafted video content in enhancing brand image and operational efficiency.


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