The Ultimate Workshop Guide to Chiropractic Video Marketing Strategy and How It’s Different From Traditional Marketing




Introduction: What is Chiropractor Video Marketing and Why Should You Care?

Creating professional looking marketing videos can be hard.

What gear can you use without breaking the bank?

How do you edit your videos?

How do you actually get your videos to drive your business sales?

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Learn how to Create a Successful Chiropractor Video Marketing Strategy

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Master the 5 Steps to Setting up the Perfect Webpage for Your Clinic

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Video Advertising Tips For A Successful Chiropractor Video Marketing Campaign

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Video Marketing 101:

Basic DIY Video production / Crash Course on video marketing to grow your business

– How to shoot high quality video from your tablet or laptop
– How to optimize light and sound in any space without expensive equipment
•Building a DIY light kit for under $100
•Optional upgrade is “parts in a box” > all the parts in one box to save shopping, picking, and the mystery of getting “the right parts” >
•Camera Setup (tripod with camera, cell phone, tablet, or laptop)
•Using window light
•Mic check setup
– How to look your best on camera
• Framing your shots (composition)

Video Marketing 102: Basic Video Editing

– How to clip and polish your video without expensive  software
– How to add music, text and titles to your video content
– How to adjust light and sound levels for your content
This workshop we will:
•Do a live-shoot and edit (15 minute review of setup)
•1 minute content / training video with intro/outro
•Bumpers (premade intro / outro)
•Book end intro / outro (particular video content)(fiverr logo animation)
•Music licensing
•Youtube video editor
•Windows Movie Maker
•Premiere Pro

Video Marketing 103: Building an Effective Video Marketing Strategy that Gets Results.

This means getting your videos seen by the right people from your website, youtube and social media
Raising the bar on email marketing
Tips for optimizing visual and verbal content in videos
– video length
– value bombs
– call to action
– linking between content, embedding it properly, avoiding ads via premium players
– bombbomb / soapbox
– Paid ads
– Cross platform distribution methods

Bringing years of professional photography experience with a photojournalistic wedding and lifestyle portrait style, Provid Films’ founder Travis Johansen sought to blend the pure visual aesthetics of photography with the emotional power of audio.What emerged was a unique style and perspective of commercial video production.

Dr. Thomas Pastor IV is qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), licensed by the State practicing in New Brighton and who practices chiropractic medicine -that discipline within the healing arts which deals with the nervous system and its relationship to the spinal column and its interrelationship with other body systems.

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