The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Duluth MN & Superior WI


If your company is looking to invest in corporate video production in Duluth MN or Superior WI, then this article is for you. Find out how our proven method of corporate video production can benefit you and your company.








Duluth MN Lift Bridge - Video Production Company - photo by cody-otto 








Duluth MN Lift Bridge – Video Production Company – photo by Cody-otto







There are a lot of video production companies around the Duluth Minnesota area when you included nearby cities like Superior WI, Cloquet MN, and even smaller cities like Saginaw, Esko, Wrenshall, Carlton, Cotton, Barnum on the Minnesota side – or South Range, Poplar, Foxboro, Hawthorne, Barnum, or Maple over in Wisconsin. All of these cities are within 50 miles of Duluth MN, which corporate video production company is the best?








If you’re in the market for filmmakers who can change the course of your brand or company, look no further than these killer Duluth / Superior video production companies.








The best companies are the ones that help you build trust, develop your brand, explain complex products, and more.



 Types of Video Production Services













Corporate Training Videos

A business needs to create training videos to keep its employees, partners, and customers up-to-date on topics. Popular corporate training video topics include new products and services. That requires attention to the aspects of production, distribution, capital components, and customer perspectives. For this type of training to better your company, it will require that you rethink the whole process.

From start to finish you will have a production company that gives a fresh perspective to your company training videos.







The north shore of Minnesota - Duluth blog post for video production - weston-mackinnon







Live-Action Video

 Production for live-action videos typically include setting a shoot location, hiring talent (if needed), and filming. Be sure you are filming with a professional camera & lighting crew. For live-action videos, we often provide a local camera crew to film and send (or upload) the raw footage. That footage is sent (often) to a company’s own in-house video team to edit.

 Live-action video often utilizes 4k drones as well – ensure our drone operators are FAA licensed under Part 107.







Animation :







Production for animated videos includes developing illustrations assets based on the pre-determined style and storyboard. After planning and approvals of the initial plans, then animating them in After Effects (or other software)









Post-production (aka video editing)







Once the corporate video is captured on camera, the post-production phase includes any editing required. Editing involves adding the finishing touches such as additional narration or voiceover, graphic animations, selecting royalty-free music. To finish a project well, make sure you discuss revisions and how many are included. You want to make the video just right – so get exactly how many revisions are included in writing. Also, know the cost of additional revisions. Many include 1 or 2 rounds of revisions and additional rounds costing $250-350, but some charge more.















How do you choose the right video production company?







  • The best corporate video production company will be offering a service that can be used for any industry. They work per project or monthly price, with services typically in the $4000 – $10,000 per project or per month depending on your project needs. If you are producing a corporate event, we’ve seen them go past $200k. It really comes down to your specific requirements for expertise and quality, which is often tied to how many days, crew, and gear you have on the project.







  • Thankfully corporate video has been able to help many companies grow their businesses. The ROI can make sense by investing the necessary resources to do it right.







  • It’s important that the company you choose is one of the most trusted and best-reviewed companies in its industry.







  • They make beautiful, dynamic, informative, and entertaining when you work with a leading provider for corporate videos.













Video Production Cost







One thing to keep in mind regarding cost is that the entire process. For quality, professional corporate video, it can take 6-12 weeks for completion. That time to complete a project costs more than quick projects.








In choosing your production company to work with, you are really choosing a creative partner. A creative partner (like an artist) brings vision, ideas, problem-solving, and hopefully excellent service. It’s all part of the price you pay








Often the cheaper bids you receive are cutting corners to get their prices down. Whereas the higher-end companies are including more value-added options with the appropriate margins to go above and beyond.








When a quote comes back drastically high or low, it may indicate that they haven’t really listened to your needs. Note: why are they not asking those important questions to give an accurate quote before they win your business?








Now imagine working with them after they have the deposit.














Top Video Production Companies in Duluth MN







1. Old Saw Media







We focus on telling stories with the best quality possible, no matter how big or small.








Our award-winning team of creatives can work with you to create a video that captures your message and your audience.








At Old Saw Media, they believe telling stories is the best way to connect with your customers.








When telling stories, you make new friends along the way.














2. Dangerbird Productions







We believe in the power of video and how it can transform businesses. Dangerbird Productions is dedicated to helping companies like yours make a powerful impact. Whether you are communicating with customers or employees with high-quality, engaging video messaging.














3. Cultural North







At Cultural North, you’ll find is a creative agency that specializes in creating content and campaigns to grow businesses, culture, and brands. Cultural North builds award-winning brand stories for clients ranging from small start-ups to multinational corporations.














4. Swim Creative

Everyone at Swim Creative works together to award-winning brand stories for clients ranging from small start-ups to multinational corporations. Swim Creative is an agency that specializes in creating content and campaigns to grow businesses, culture, and brands. They are an award-winning in-house production team. They can take a project from concept to completion including services such as storyboarding,













5. Story North Productions







We want to help grow your business by transforming your brand story into a more creative, dynamic, and successful one.


Films have perfect lighting, amazing effects, the latest technology, and the best actors.

 Our results are mind-blowing and over the top while leveraging ideas that can easily be translated live into concepts for your videos.

 We build long-term relationships with our clients because that’s where you really do your best work.

 Our expertise in production and marketing allows us to work with you from start to finish, maximizing the value of your video content.

 We have over 50 years of combined experience in broadcasting television commercials and video content.

 Our production and marketing expertise allows us to work with you from start to finish, maximizing the value of your video content.













6. Happy Tree Productions

 This is a company that provides tailor-fit video production solutions, including cutting-edge technology and the best-in-business expertise for your business. This company is able to bring value and life to your business while providing great value

 They’ve worked with companies like the Iron Mining Association of MN, Duluth International Airport, Duluth LISC







7. Blue Forest Films

 When you think of Northern Minnesota – which lies at the Northernmost part of continental USA – adventures abound. Blue Forest Films is an adventure video production company that specializes in the great outdoors. Perfect for the outdoor brand or company. 







8. Provid Films

 If you’re in the market for filmmakers who can change the course of your brand or company, look no further than our vero own Minnesota video production company.

We work locally as one of the best corporate video production companies in Duluth / Superior area.

We produce, shoot, edit, and delivery world-class high-end corporate video at affordable prices.

We create smart, honest, and beautiful work all across Minnesota but have a heart for Duluth MN and Superior WI.

Choosing an agency that can create engaging videos is hard, we get it. That’s why we’ve worked for years and will continue to strive to be the best corporate video company out there.

 In summary, if you are looking for a video production company specializing in storytelling & strategy for corporations, brands & nonprofits. Provid Films is the one to choose.

 Get a high-quality video that works for you.

Schedule a free creative call with the experts at Provid Films – www.providfilms.com – or call 612-208-8819 to check availability. During busy seasons, they only take a limited number of new clients to ensure attention to every project. Located a couple of hours drive – they cover the area usually without any travel fees and handle projects nationwide (not just Duluth / Superior)