The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Duluth MN & Superior WI

If your company is considering corporate video production in Duluth, MN, or Superior, WI, this article is tailored to you.

Discover the advantages of some of the best corporate video production approach for your company’s benefit.

Duluth MN Lift Bridge - Video Production Company - photo by cody-otto
Duluth MN Lift Bridge – Video Production Company – photo by cody-otto

There are a lot of video production companies around the Duluth Minnesota area when you included nearby cities like Superior WI, Cloquet MN, and even smaller cities like Saginaw, Esko, Wrenshall, Carlton, Cotton, Barnum on the Minnesota side – or South Range, Poplar, Foxboro, Hawthorne, Barnum, or Maple over in Wisconsin. All of these cities are within 50 miles of Duluth MN, which corporate video production company is the best?

If you’re on the hunt for skilled filmmakers who can make a real impact on your brand or company, you’ll find no better options than these top-notch video production companies right here in Duluth and Superior.

🏆 The best video production companies are those that help you:

  1. Build trust ✅
  2. Develop your brand 🚀
  3. Explain complex products 📊

Quick overview on the types of video production services.

Corporate Training Videos

Picture this: Your business is on a quest to create training videos that’ll keep your employees, partners, and customers in the loop, all while tackling topics like new products and services. It’s a juggling act of production, distribution, capital components, and seeing things from the customer’s point of view. To truly level up your corporate training game, get ready to shake things up.

From the very beginning to that satisfying ‘that’s a wrap,’ you’re in for a ride with a production company that’s all about bringing a breath of fresh air to your company’s training videos.” 🌟

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Live Action Video

The world of live-action video production involves a carefully orchestrated dance of securing the perfect shooting location, casting talented individuals (if the script demands it), and capturing those oh-so-cinematic scenes. To make the magic happen, you’re going to want to ensure you have a top-notch camera and lighting crew by your side. 🎥

When it comes to live-action, we’ve got your back with a fantastic local camera crew ready to roll, capturing all the action and sending that pristine raw footage your way.

Once you’ve got the treasure trove of footage in hand, it’s time for your in-house video team to work their editing magic.

Oh, and let’s not forget the skies! Live action videos are taking flight with the help of 4K drones. But don’t worry, our drone operators are all FAA licensed under Part 107, so you’re in safe hands both on the ground and in the air. ✈️🎬”

Animation :

Certainly, here are some types of videos that companies might create with animation and why animation can be more helpful than filming live action for each:

  1. Explainer Videos:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Animation allows you to simplify complex concepts, making them more accessible. It’s particularly useful when you need to illustrate abstract or intangible ideas.
  2. Product Demonstrations:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Animation provides full creative control over how a product is showcased, emphasizing its features and benefits in a visually engaging way.
  3. Training and Educational Videos:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Animation can break down intricate training materials, making them easier to understand. It’s ideal for e-learning and ensuring consistency in educational content.
  4. Promotional Videos:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Animation offers a unique, eye-catching approach to promoting products or services. It can create memorable and shareable content that stands out.
  5. Infographic Videos:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Animation brings data and statistics to life, making them more engaging and memorable compared to static infographics.
  6. Safety and Compliance Videos:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Animation can illustrate safety procedures and compliance guidelines clearly, helping employees or customers follow protocols effectively.
  7. Corporate Presentations:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Animation can make corporate presentations more engaging, ensuring that information is visually appealing and easy to digest.
  8. Customer Testimonials:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Animation can anonymize or stylize customer testimonials, maintaining privacy while delivering compelling narratives.
  9. Storytelling and Branding Videos:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Animation allows for creative storytelling that aligns with a company’s branding and values. It can create a unique brand identity.
  10. Whiteboard Animations:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Whiteboard animations can illustrate concepts as if they are being drawn in real-time, providing a visual narrative that holds viewers’ attention.
  11. Interactive Videos:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Animation can be incorporated into interactive videos, offering dynamic and engaging user experiences.
  12. Event Promotions:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Animation can build excitement and anticipation for upcoming events in a visually compelling manner.
  13. Virtual Tours and Walkthroughs:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Animation can create immersive, customizable tours of real or imagined spaces, enhancing the viewer’s experience.
  14. Social Media Marketing:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Animation on social media can be attention-grabbing, shareable, and concise, making it effective for reaching a broad audience.
  15. Customer Support and FAQs:
    • Why Animation is Helpful: Animation can visually answer common customer queries, reducing support workload and providing clarity.

Post-production (aka video editing)

Making the video editing process smooth and easy is crucial for delivering a high-quality corporate video. Here’s an outline of the steps to ensure a seamless editing phase:

  1. Post-Production Planning:
    • Review the video production plan and discuss any specific editing requirements or creative elements.
  2. Editing Workstation Setup:
    • Ensure that the editing workstation is equipped with the necessary software and hardware for video editing.
  3. Initial Review:
    • Begin the editing process by viewing all captured footage and selecting the best takes and shots.
  4. Rough Cut:
    • Create a rough cut of the video, arranging selected clips in the intended order to establish the basic structure.
  5. Narration or Voiceover:
    • If narration or voiceover is required, record and integrate it into the video at the appropriate points.
  6. Graphic Animations and Text:
    • Add any necessary graphic animations, titles, text overlays, and other visual elements.
  7. Music Selection:
    • Carefully select and integrate royalty-free music that complements the video’s tone and message.
  8. Color Correction and Grading:
    • Enhance the visual quality of the video through color correction and grading to achieve a consistent and professional look.
  9. Sound Mixing:
    • Ensure that audio levels are balanced, and apply noise reduction and other enhancements to achieve clear and high-quality sound.
  10. Review and Revisions:
    • Share the initial edit with the client for feedback and revisions. Discuss how many rounds of revisions are included in the project, and put this in writing to avoid misunderstandings.
  11. Final Touches:
    • Implement the client’s feedback and make necessary adjustments for the final version of the video.
  12. Quality Control:
    • Review the video to check for any errors, glitches, or inconsistencies.
  13. Client Approval:
    • Share the revised video with the client for their final approval.
  14. Export and Delivery:
    • Export the video in the required format and resolution, ensuring it meets the client’s specifications.
  15. Documentation:
    • Keep records of all project details, including revision rounds, to maintain clarity and accountability.
  16. Cost Transparency:
    • Clearly communicate the cost of additional revision rounds beyond what is included in the initial agreement. Inform the client if any extra charges apply.
  17. Client Satisfaction:
    • Prioritize client satisfaction by delivering a polished video that aligns with their vision.

By following this process and maintaining clear communication with the client, the video editing phase can be both efficient and effective, resulting in a high-quality corporate video that meets or exceeds expectations.

How do you choose the right video production company?

The top corporate video production company offers versatile services suitable for any industry. Pricing can be project-based or monthly, typically ranging from $4,000 to $10,000, although larger corporate events may exceed $200,000, depending on your specific requirements, crew size, and equipment needs.

Corporate videos have proven to be a valuable tool for business growth, providing a favorable return on investment when executed effectively. Investing in quality resources is essential to achieve the desired results.

Selecting a reputable and highly-rated company within the industry is crucial. Leading providers of corporate videos specialize in crafting visually stunning, engaging, and informative content to meet your business objectives.

Video Production Cost

When considering video production costs, it’s important to keep in mind the timeline for creating a quality, professional corporate video typically ranges from 6 to 12 weeks.

Choosing a production company means selecting a creative partner who brings vision, innovative ideas, problem-solving skills, and a commitment to excellent service. All of these elements are integral to the overall cost.

It’s worth noting that significantly lower-priced quotes may indicate corner-cutting, potentially compromising the final quality, while higher-end companies often offer additional value-added options and maintain appropriate margins to deliver exceptional results.

When you receive a quote that is drastically high or low, it may suggest that the provider hasn’t thoroughly understood your project’s needs. It’s essential to collaborate with a company that asks the right questions to provide an accurate quote before securing your business, ensuring a successful partnership throughout the project.

Top Video Production Companies in Duluth MN

1. Old Saw Media

We focus on telling stories with the best quality possible, no matter how big or small.

Our award-winning team of creatives can work with you to create a video that captures your message and your audience.

At Old Saw Media, they believe telling stories is the best way to connect with your customers.

When telling stories, you make new friends along the way.

2. Dangerbird Productions

We believe in the power of video and how it can transform businesses. Dangerbird Productions is dedicated to helping companies like yours make a powerful impact. Whether you are communicating with customers or employees with high-quality, engaging video messaging.

3. Cultural North

At Cultural North, you’ll find is a creative agency that specializes in creating content and campaigns to grow businesses, culture, and brands. Cultural North builds award-winning brand stories for clients ranging from small start-ups to multinational corporations.

4. Swim Creative

Everyone at Swim Creative works together to award-winning brand stories for clients ranging from small start-ups to multinational corporations. Swim Creative is an agency that specializes in creating content and campaigns to grow businesses, culture, and brands. They are an award-winning in-house production team. They can take a project from concept to completion including services such as storyboarding,

5. Story North Productions

We want to help grow your business by transforming your brand story into a more creative, dynamic and successful one.

Films have perfect lighting, amazing effects, the latest technology and the best actors.

Our results are mind-blowing and over the top while leveraging ideas that can easily be translated live into concepts for your videos.

We build long-term relationships with our clients because that’s where you really do your best work.

Our expertise in production and marketing allows us to work with you from start to finish, maximizing the value of your video content.

We have over 50 years combined experience in broadcasting television commercials and video content.

Our production and marketing expertise allows us to work with you from start to finish, maximizing the value of your video content.

6. Happy Tree Productions

This is a company that provides tailor-fit video production solutions, including cutting-edge technology and the best-in-business expertise for your business. This company is able to bring value and life to your business while providing great value.

They’ve worked with companies like the Iron Mining Association of MN, Duluth International Airport, Duluth LISC

7. Blue Forest Films

When you think of Northern Minnesota – which lies at the Northern most part of continental USA – adventures abound. Blue Forest Films is an adventure video production company that specializes in the great out doors. Perfect for the outdoor brand or company.

8. Provid Films

If you’re in the market for filmmakers who can change the course of your brand or company, look no further than this killer Minnesota video production company.

Corporate video production at Provid Films is our speciality. We produce, shoot, edit and delivery world-class high end corporate video. We create smart, honest, and beautiful work at an affordable price in Duluth MN and Superior WI (and all over Minnesota for that matter).

Choosing an agency that can create engaging videos is hard, we get it. That’s why we’ve worked for years and will continue to strive to be the best corporate video company out there.

In summary, if you are looking for the video production company specializing in storytelling & strategy for corporations, brands & nonprofits. Provid Films is the one to choose.

Get high-quality video for less. Schedule a free creative call with the experts at Provid Films – www.providfilms.com – or call 612-208-8819 to check availability. During busy seasons, they only take a limited number of new clients to ensure attention to every project. Technically located a couple hours drive away – they cover the area usually without any travel fees and handle projets nationwide (not just Duluth / Superior)

We produce, shoot, edit and delivery world-class high end corporate video in Duluth MN & Superior WI