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If you’re in need of a local camera crew in Cottage Grove, look no further than Provid Films. Our headquarters are conveniently located nearby, making us an ideal choice for your audiovisual production needs.

We offer a wide range of equipment rentals and camera crew options, which you can explore on our portfolio page. If you’re unsure about what services or crew you’ll need, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone or our Quick Connect Form. We’re always happy to assist you in any way we can.

Our team understands the importance of your event and the need to stay within budget, which is why we provide you with a dedicated project manager to ensure success. If we ever feel that an event is too big or small for us, we have connections with top local companies to provide you with top-notch service.

Thank you for choosing Provid Films as your camera crew, and we’re excited to work with you to make your event a memorable one!

Welcome to Cottage Grove!

Cottage Grove, may be a small city, but it packs a punch when it comes to remarkable event venues and thriving businesses. Get ready to be entertained and impressed as we dive into the top event venues and businesses that make Cottage Grove shine:


Largest Event Venues in Cottage Grove:


The Cottage Grove Ice Arena: Lace up your skates and glide into a world of icy excitement at The Cottage Grove Ice Arena. This cool venue not only hosts thrilling ice hockey games and figure skating competitions but also offers public skating sessions for all to enjoy. Whether you’re a pro on the ice or a beginner seeking some frosty fun, this venue is the place to be.


Mississippi Dunes Golf Links: Swing into action at Mississippi Dunes Golf Links, a picturesque venue that combines stunning landscapes with a challenging golf course. With its rolling fairways, manicured greens, and breathtaking river views, this course is a golfer’s paradise. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice player, get ready to tee off and experience golfing at its finest.


River Oaks Golf Course: Step onto the green at River Oaks Golf Course, a scenic venue that combines natural beauty with exceptional facilities. This premier golf course offers challenging fairways, pristine greens, and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Whether you’re hosting a golf tournament or planning a social event, River Oaks Golf Course provides a memorable experience for all.


Cottage Grove Town Hall: Immerse yourself in history at the Cottage Grove Town Hall, a charming venue with a touch of nostalgia. This historic building offers a unique setting for weddings, receptions, and community events. With its rustic charm and timeless ambiance, it sets the stage for unforgettable gatherings.


Hamlet Park: Discover the beauty of outdoor events at Hamlet Park, a spacious and picturesque venue. With its lush greenery, serene atmosphere, and ample space, it’s the perfect location for festivals, concerts, and family-friendly activities. Let Hamlet Park be your gateway to fun-filled and memorable experiences.



Largest Businesses in Cottage Grove:


3M Cottage Grove: Innovation meets excellence at 3M Cottage Grove, a powerhouse in the manufacturing industry. With their cutting-edge technologies and commitment to quality, they produce a wide range of products that improve lives and drive progress. From adhesives to healthcare solutions, 3M Cottage Grove is at the forefront of innovation.


Renewal by Andersen: When it comes to windows and doors, Renewal by Andersen is the name to trust. With their expertise in custom designs and energy-efficient solutions, they transform homes and elevate the curb appeal. Let their skilled craftsmen and top-notch products breathe new life into your living spaces.


Menards: For all your home improvement needs, Menards is the go-to destination. This retail giant offers a vast selection of products, from building materials to home décor, to help you tackle any project. Get ready to unleash your DIY skills and turn your dream home into a reality with Menards.


Cottage Grove Eye Care: For top-notch vision care, Cottage Grove Eye Care is the place to go. Their team of experienced optometrists and opticians provide comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings, and a wide range of eyewear options. See the world with clarity and style with the help of Cottage Grove Eye 


Cottage Grove, may be small in size, but it’s big on entertainment and business excellence. Whether you’re hitting the ice at The Cottage Grove Ice Arena or exploring the innovative products from 3M Cottage Grove, this city has something to offer everyone. Embrace the charm and possibilities of Cottage Grove as you experience its largest event venues and thriving businesses. It’s time to make unforgettable memories and witness the vibrant spirit of this remarkable city.


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