Depart Smart Travel Safety – Nonprofit Video (Inspirational NGO Videos)

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Depart Smart Travel Safety – Nonprofit Video (Inspirational NGO Videos)


Project Description:

Our goal with this Depart Smart video production project was to showcase the good work already being done through an inspiring NGO Video. The audience was primarily those attendinga a live fundraiser type event where supporters, sponsors, and advocates for this nonprofit organization would be in attendance to raise funds for future impact. Depart Smart hired the team at Provid Films to interview travel safety experts, real students, and supporters from around the world through live video chat.

Through a collaboration with the founder of Depart Smart Sheryl Hill and Provid Films’ Travis Johansen – they coordinated schedules for this NGO video project nationwide across timezones and even continents to collect footage and photos to be included in the video.

Depart Smart has said video is the best storytelling tool for non profit organizations and continues to be one of the best fundraising tools because of their storytelling power. Donors are connecting to the stories through Provid Films’ ability to weave unique stories into one video story.

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