Freelance Videographer, Filmmaker, and Youtuber Podcast – Get known nationally & internationally

We’re launching a podcast focused on highlighting successful freelance videographers around the world who are doing cool things.

About the host Travis Johansen: I am a freelance video producer with a small agency here in Minneapolis Minnesota – I got frustrated that it’s only the big names launching these podcasts – and they are always targeting marketing and not the talent behind the cameras. We’re constantly getting pitched training programs by people who don’t even make their living – making videos. I’m sick of the freelance videographer being underappreciated and I am ready to shine a light on the actual creators so we can all charge what we are actually worth.

That’s why I’m launching a podcast specifically for freelance videographers. It will include a video podcast version for Youtube along with audio (which you’ll be able to hear on iTunes, spotify, and wherever podcasts are heard), plus a blog post with great show notes and a place to share your work. My hopes is that more companies start to realize the value that their videographers can bring them – and one day they wake up realizing that they want to hire a podcast guest to film a unique project you talked about.

Will this podcast make you a superstar with tons of new projects? I can’t guarantee that – but it will hopefully help you stand out from your local competitors and maybe make you some new contacts around the world.

If you’re interested in being on the podcast, note we will only be accepting a handful of applications (we want this to feature people with great work doing interesting things!).


We want to hear:
– where do you call “home” for  your business
– what type of projects do you typically work with?
– describe one of your favorite projects you’ve done?
– what does your typical camera package (including lights, stabilizers, audio) look like? Do you own or rent?

– how do most clients find you?
– what does your typical client look like?
– what piece of advice would you give someone who is starting out in the video industry?
– are you currently accepting new clients?
– how can people get in touch with you or see your work if they wanted to hire you?


If you’re having issues with this online booking app – try this link.