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Corporate Interviews and Talking Head Examples

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Our goal is to always maximize production quality while hitting our budgets.

Some projects include a large crews - others small crews. 

The interviews in the 2 videos below were captured by Provid Films, not edited by Provid Films

Minneapolis video production company

Customer testimonial video:

2 total wings of a school, 10 classrooms were heavily damaged and needed to be closed. You may remember hearing about the arson / burglary and fire of the elementary school in Roberts WI a while back. Servicemaster by Hedden, which is well known for their disaster recovery services, was the chosen contractor to come in after the fire and help with the restoration. They commissioned us to tell the story of the school – which was played during the “first year back” class graduation. It was an honor and joy being part of this project and seeing so many happy children, parents, teachers, and community members celebrating the good that came out of such a tragic incident.