3 Industrial Video Production Examples for Companies

Being a video production company in Minneapolis Minnesota, we often get contracted by companies out of town to film their factories or industrial manufacturing plants here in the Twin Cities.

This project was filmed at the Buhler manufacturing facility (and research/development) right in Plymouth MN (a Twin Cities suburb on the west metro area in between Maple Grove and Minnetonka).

Working with an agency, we work to be the camera crew on the ground to capture the video footage they need and we simply ship off a hard drive with high quality photo and video where needed.

In this case, we did not edit any of it. But we did film the talking parts and all footage from the Plymouth facility.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlNBMkXxpWA

Here’s an example of an industrial video production project with a large international manufacturer who works in the clean energy industry of wind power generation. We brought a camera crew to Texas to film at a wind farm and got inside these full size wind turbines and filmed videos for this large industrial company.

We enjoy working in this heavy duty industry with larger than life structures – learning how things work – learning how they are increasing safety and complying with OSHA rules and more. 



We can’t share much detail about this last one other than it is about bulbs and lights as a video background.

Imagine using this on a digital sign looping as video rather than just a static photo. 

What are some ways you could showcase something as mundane or ordinary as a lightbulb – even an old outdated CFL light bulb – in a visually interesting or at least unique way?

Bring in a video strategist to put together a plan if you need one – but either way be sure to consider the was you can use video outside the normal expected ways!

If you have a business and you’re facing a serious challenge and you’d like to talk to a video strategist on how you can use industrial video production for your company, use the form below.