Industrial Video Production: The Visual Engine of Modern Manufacturing

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, the need for effective communication is just as critical than ever.

At Provid Films, we are expert industrial video creators that not only showcase your manufacturing expertise and capabilities, but also solve real-world challenges your business is facing.


Why do we love working in the industrial video production services space?

The allure of Hollywood’s glitz is undeniable, with its red carpets, star-filled events, and blockbuster cultural hits.

We actually wrote an article addressing the very question called “Why choose industrial video production over Hollywood”.

The manufacturing video production services process is a system much like your entire manufacturing process, often involving precise machinery, specialized tools and skilled experts.

Explaining these complexities through things like words and just pictures doesn’t hit the same.


In a nutshell – 

We get to constantly be learning about new technologies and every day is like living an episode of “how it’s made“.


Take one of our customers for example, Shark Industries right here in the Twin Cities

We’ve learned how they run, how they design new products, how they launch products, and we’ve even traveled across the country with them to SEMA 2022 for their booth. 



Types of Industrial Videos


  1. Corporate Overview Videos: Create a strong brand identity and share your company’s mission and values.
  2. Product Demonstration Videos: Showcase the features and benefits of your products, helping to drive sales.
  3. Training & Safety Videos: Ensure that your employees are well-informed and adhere to safety protocols.
  4. Process Explainer Videos: Break down complex manufacturing processes into easily digestible content.
  5. Customer Testimonials: Build credibility through real-world endorsements from satisfied clients.
  6. Event Coverage: Capture the essence of trade shows, product launches, and other significant events.


Example Work: Buhler

The project was shot on location at the Buhler manufacturing facility (and research/development) right in Plymouth MN, situated in the west metro area between Maple Grove and Minnetonka. Collaborating with an agency, our team served as the on-site camera crew, capturing the essential video footage. Following the shoot, we sent a hard drive containing high-quality photos and videos to the agency. While we didn’t handle the editing for this project, we were responsible for filming all dialogue and scenes at the Plymouth facility.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlNBMkXxpWA

Challenges and Solutions

Are any of these a concern for your company? 

Complex Processes: how do you simply them?

Solution: Use Process Explainer Videos to simplify intricate procedures, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Safety Concerns: how do you create a safer environment?

Solution: Utilize Training & Safety Videos to standardize safety protocols across the organization.

Brand Awareness: how do you raise awareness?

Solution: Leverage Corporate Overview and Product Demonstration Videos to differentiate your brand in a crowded marketplace.

Product Education: how do you educate buyers?

Solution: Use Product Demonstration Videos to educate both B2B and B2C customers effectively.

Cost-Effectiveness: how do you maximize ROI?

Solution: Provid Films offers scalable video production solutions to fit various budgets without compromising on quality. Working with a video strategist at Provid Films will help you plan out your content not just for a one-off project but take more of a holistic approach that reduces your per-video cost dramatically while increasing your ROI significantly. 


Example Client Work: Safety Rail Company

The Safety Rail Company, a frontrunner in the field of rooftop fall protection, serves as a one-stop provider for comprehensive fall-protection solutions. This is vividly demonstrated in a video produced for them, which offers an inside look at their Made-in-America manufacturing facility and their specialized in-house installation services. The video has been instrumental in enhancing the ROI of their appearances at industrial tradeshows, particularly by spotlighting their state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and new robotics.



Example Client Work: 3s Lift – Clean Energy Industry “Lift” manufacturers.

As a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based video production firm, we frequently collaborate with out-of-town companies seeking to document their industrial facilities in the Twin Cities area.

One such project involved a major international manufacturer in the clean energy sector, specifically in wind power generation.

Our team traveled to Texas to capture footage at a wind farm, even venturing inside full-sized wind turbines to film for the client 3s Lift.

The “Climb Auto System” by 3s Lift is a ladder-mounted climbing device designed for single technicians. It facilitates the effortless transportation of both personnel and equipment up and down wind towers, thereby eliminating the need for manual ladder climbing. This system enables a wind technician to ascend to the top of a wind turbine in just 5 minutes, without breaking a sweat.

We relish the opportunity to work in such a robust industry, featuring grand structures and complex machinery. These projects not only allow us to understand the intricacies of how things operate but also provide insights into the company’s commitment to safety and OSHA compliance.

Digital Signage & Video Backgrounds: Making the Mundane Magnificent

The Challenge: An Ordinary CFL Lightbulb

At first glance, a CFL lightbulb might seem like an uninspiring subject for a video. But that’s where the magic of digital signage and video backgrounds comes in. By using video in unexpected ways, even the most mundane objects can become visually captivating.




Challenge: taking a mundane household object and making it stand out. 

1. Macro Detailing

Use macro lenses to capture the intricate details of the lightbulb—like the coil and glass. These close-ups can reveal the complexity and engineering behind even the simplest objects.

2. Artistic Angles

Film the lightbulb from various angles and perspectives, perhaps even placing it in different settings like an industrial warehouse or a cozy home. This adds depth and context to the object.

3. Ambient Background

Use the light emitted by the bulb to create interesting shadows and reflections, turning it into a visually engaging background for text or other content.


What are some ways you could showcase something as mundane or ordinary as a lightbulb – even an old outdated CFL light bulb – in a visually interesting or at least unique way?

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