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We offer professional teleprompter operators & prompter rentals in Minneapolis MN and the surrounding region.

Because we’re from here, our area code is 612.

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Locally owned and operated right here in the Minneapolis area.

Here’s a photo we took, it’s not a stock photo.

We’re local, and proud of it.

We own our own teleprompters – both on camera and 19″ presidential podium style – plus fully wireless options if your camera or presentation needs it

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The best presidential teleprompter rentals in Minneapolis


When productions require presidential style paddles, on-camera or down stage monitor for your live event or virtual event, bigger is better.


Why do we not like 17″ or 15″ presidential prompters?

They have 2 issues: lower resolution, more difficult to read

Sure, they can work, but it’s more difficult for your presenters.

Goldilochs Zone of Prompter Paddles: 19″ teleprompter paddles are the perfect size.

They are a balance between being just big enough to comfortably read and not quite as large as the 24″ to cause issues blocking your audience. 



Do we offer Down Stage Monitor (aka confidence monitor) rentals?


We can handle your DSM needs – ranging from 32 to 65″ depending on your needs.

Do we offer On-Camera (aka through-the-lens) teleprompter rentals?


We have a variety of options as well as matching 19″ Prompter People teleprompters for interview video shoots, double ended video calls, live news satellite truck type news feeds, or just reading scripts to camera.

We often rig them up as virtual interrotron style setups for virtual video shoots.


Who have we worked with?

We have worked with many of the biggest Fortune 500 companies, with audiences in the tens of thousands of viewers.

Use your imagination for company names, but clients ranging from global medical device companies headerquartered in the Twin Cities, to big box stores with grocery headquartered in the Twin Cities, national electronics retailer hearquartered in the Twin Cities, university graduation ceremonies located in the Twin Cities and many many more.

But we also work with a lot of local camera crews and agencies that need to add on-camera teleprompters for companies like snowmobile manufactures, UTV manufacturers, ad agencies for national campaigns, or TV and film.

Our clients are typically industry leaders, and their presenters want an experienced teleprompter operator.

We provide the full teleprompter solution:

– we bring the gear

– we setup the gear

– we run the gear

– we pack it all up

– we invoice net30


We know

Live Events

Whether you need a downstage monitor or your video crew wants to route our signal through their switching system and pipe us anywhere in the room – we know live events. 


Interrotron / Interview

Another way we use teleprompters is sometimes referred to as the “eye redirect” or “interrotron”.

We also conduct interviews with offsite interviewers around the globe – watching the interviewee and talking directly eye-to-eye to create a raw, intimate moment fore the viewer.

This has been a huge time savings for video production environments where you can conduct interviews without having to even come to the video shoot.

Our nationwide network of crew and gear allows for seamless options for you to save time and money on interview production. 


Traditional teleprompters

Through the Lens / Camera Prompters

These are the teleprompters you might know and love.

They have the glass in front of the camera lens so the viewer can read their script without looking like they’re reading a script.

Super helpful for on-location live and pre-record virtual events in the bright light.


on stage

Presidential Glass paddles

The pinnacle of live presentations and political stump speeches are a matching pair of presidential paddles.

Paired with an expert teleprompter operator who can track your presentation and help you never forget what to say.

Adapting to your pacing but also helping to nail your presentation.

We offer the newest carbon fiber, and best presidential teleprompter rentals. 

Here are some photos of our actual presidential glass teleprompters in action. They are the larger 19″ high brightness prompters. 

They feature high bright monitors atop carbon fiber making it easy to read.


Behind the Scenes - Twin Cities Presidential Teleprompter Rental Setup at forum
Behind the scenes of presidential teleprompters at a forum at St Paul River Center MN - Matching Pair - Edited

“Our teleprompter operator was so easy to work with and made things go so smoothly during our video shoot. I can’t imagine doing any video shoot with complicated lines, and lots of content we needed to go through, without [Travis] at Provid Films. It really made a huge difference. We even wrapped filming early because things went smoother than expected.” 

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