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 We own our own teleprompters – both on camera and presidential podium style – plus fully wireless options if your camera or presentation needs it

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The best teleprompters in Minneapolis


When productions require a 19″ teleprompter for their live event or broadcast, we have you covered.

You need someone to deliver smooth teleprompting scripts for your talent to read naturally!

Every job, every client, we want to be the best teleprompter rental in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Midwest, and we do travel the country for projects we well.


Our clients are the best in their industry, best in the world, and they deserve the best experience.

We provide prompter gear for rental + experienced operators on site wherever you need it.


Multiple Options

Live Events

Live events require different teleprompter setups than many corporate video production projects. For example an event at the Minneapolis convention center may use big screen monitors downstage of the presenter. Other live events may want large displays positioned in the back of an audience. Whether you need it down by the floor (out of sight for most guests but easily seen by the presenter).


Multiple Options

Covid 19 + Corporate Interviews

During this Covid 19 pandemic we have developed processes that reduce the people on-set and increase social distancing. No longer do you need the interviewer in the same room, space, or even country to have an eye to  eye conversation.

Another way we use teleprompters is sometimes referred to as the “eye redirect”. Imagine you’re doing a zoom video chat but instead of you looking down at your screen with the webcam up top – the camera is hidden behind the face you’re looking at.

It’s the difference between someone looking slightly away – and directly into – the camera. 

We now conduct corporate interviews with offsite interviewers around the globe – watching the interview and asking the talent questions live- rather than waiting days to see the actual interview footage. 

This has been a huge benefit for corporate video production environments, hospital and medical video production projects. We can conduct these all across the US with our innovative system and nationwide coverage.


Multiple Options

Through the Lens / Camera Prompters

Many on-site projects where talent is speaking directly into the camera will use a camera prompter where the camera shoots “through the lens”. 

A large benefit is the mobility of this setup where you can have the camera easily follow a subject panning side to side or tilting up and down on a tripod (or crane, slider, dolly, etc).

The camera actually mounts to the teleprompter and the prompter mounts to your tripod. Super helpful for on-location live and pre-record virtual events in the bright light.


Multiple Options

Presidential Glass paddles prompters

Are you giving a presentation and are interested in having your script up on a matching pair of high bright presidential style teleprompters with an expert teleprompter operator who can track your words at the perfect pace?

Speeding up when you need to, slowing down when you need to, adapting to your flow on the fly?

We offer the newest (2022) and best presidential teleprompter rental not only in Minneapolis and St Paul Minnesota, but we do events all over the Midwest (and nationwide) for conferences, conventions, concerts, and more. 

Rent your presidential teleprompters to make your presentation go it’s best. 

Use the form below to check if we’re available. 


Here are some photos of our actual presidential glass teleprompters in action. They are the larger 2022 19″ high brightness prompters. 

They feature high brightness making it easy to read for live events


Elevating Presentation Excellence through Provid Films’ Teleprompter Services

In the dynamic realm of modern communication, Provid Films stands as a beacon of proficiency. Our esteemed teleprompter services, meticulously designed, offer an unparalleled avenue to elevate presentations and forge profound connections with your audience.

Seamless Delivery, Unprecedented Impact

At Provid Films, we specialize in equipping individuals with the tools to deliver messages seamlessly and directly to the camera. Our advanced teleprompter solutions enable speakers to maintain unbroken eye contact while fluidly reading scripted content, underscoring the professionalism of instructional videos and executive presentations.

Empowering Confidence, Streamlined Delivery

By harnessing the power of our teleprompter services, the need for exhaustive memorization is replaced with effortless reading, eradicating verbal hesitations. The result is a polished and confident delivery, resonating with viewers who are drawn to the assuredness of your on-camera talent.

Elevated Production, Personalized Connection

In the realm of production, Provid Films’ teleprompter services revolutionize the presentation experience. Our solutions enhance not only the aesthetic quality but also the personal resonance of your content. Particularly beneficial when addressing complex subjects, this personalized approach fosters an authentic connection with your audience.

Mastering Presidential Prompters

Navigating the grand stage of live events, conferences, and broadcasts, Provid Films excels in the realm of presidential teleprompting. Our high-brightness monitors ensure seamless script reading while engaging the audience with unbroken eye contact. The interplay between glass panels and adept text scrolling enhances the immersive experience.

Aiding Seamless Presentations with Confidence

For corporate gatherings and pivotal presentations, Provid Films offers confidence monitors that deftly serve as both teleprompters and guiding aids. Strategically positioned, these monitors enable presenters to maintain a continuous flow of information without diverting attention from the audience.

Unlocking the Interrotron Edge

With an innovative spirit, Provid Films introduces the interrotron technique, facilitating direct audience engagement for interviewees. Our dual teleprompters pave the way for genuine eye-to-eye interaction, resulting in responses that resonate with authenticity and warmth.

Master your live on-camera presentation with Provid Films

Our accessible teleprompter services cater to the realms of video production and live events, promising an unwavering enhancement to your communication prowess. Join forces with Provid Films and embark on a journey toward captivating, engaging, and impactful presentations that linger in the minds of your audience.”

Behind the Scenes - Twin Cities Presidential Teleprompter Rental Setup at forum
Behind the scenes of presidential teleprompters at a forum at St Paul River Center MN - Matching Pair - Edited

“Our teleprompter operator was so easy to work with and made things go so smoothly during our video shoot. I can’t imagine doing any video shoot with complicated lines, and lots of content we needed to go through, without [Travis] at Provid Films. It really made a huge difference. We even wrapped filming early because things went smoother than expected.” 

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