we are a Minnesota Livestream Company


As you can probably guess by our 612 area code, we are locally owned and operated Minnesota livestream company.

If you are just looking to quickly check availability, use the form below or call/text: 612-208-8819

How long has Provid Films been in Minnesota?

We’ve been running our video production company in Minnesota since 2012.


Where in Minnesota is Provid Films located?

Our address: 1720 Madison St NE, Studio 304, Minneapolis MN 55413.

Google Maps Provid Films Location in Minneapolis MN

Do you own or rent your gear?

We own most gear we would use on projects however we do have relationships with the major local rental houses to access a variety of different camera gear in the Twin Cities and surrounding Minneapolis / St Paul MN area.

For instance, if we need to provide a large LED video wall or a 20ft + extending crane or extensive stage lighting. In those situations, we provide you with rental options for your livestream production needs in Minnesota.


Do you work across the state or only the Twin Cities?

Most of our livestreaming clients are in the Twin Cities, but we cover everywhere in Minnesota (and nationwide).

Do we offer teleprompters for live events, meetings, and presentations?


Yes we do!

We have a variety of teleprompter rental options for your Minnesota event production needs.

Multiple Options

Interrotron Pro Studio (Double unit)

This setup is ideal for interviews where you want your talent speaking direct to camera. 

The interrotron was invented years ago before HD, and we’ve innovated and brought the ‘terrotron experience to clients all over the Twin Cities.

Both the director and the talent can be in the same space – or different countries – either way works with our double camera setup.

Our setup has bright, high definition, professional equipment on both the directors monitor and talent unit.

It works with HDMI, HD-SDI, Red, Alexa, Sony Venice, BlackMagic and Panasonic Cinema and broadcast cameras.

Everything is delivered, setup, and run by a Twin Cities based teleprompter operator.

Multiple Options

SkyTronn Rentals

One thing that 2020 taught us was the importance of VIRTUAL productions.

That meant allowing directors to stay off-site and have as minimal people on-site as possible. 

This is where we re-invented the SkyTronn Rental system to the 21st century including HD solutions.

What is the SkyTronn?

SkyTronn was an iteration of the Interrotron, invented by Errol morris.

It is basically a double ended interrotron where you and the talent are looking through teleprompters on each end – and you’re filming a direct-to-camera look.

Our process for this allows you to simply log into a Zoom or Teams call, and on our end we setup the full on camera teleprompter and we send you the video feed.

If you really want to travel to MSP and check out the Bold North of the Twin Cities – we’d be happy to meet you in person! But for many clients, we now do SkyTronn style rentals and film interviews virtually.

You get eye-to-eye conversations, socially distanced, way more efficient without driving across the city, state, or country.

Think of it as a virtual eye redirect rental / eyedirect rental

Unlike a zoom call, you’re not looking slightly off camera. You can be looking directly at the camera using a teleprompter.

This has been really helpful for medical video production, hospitals, and corporate video production projects since you no longer have to be here for a shoot. 


Multiple Options

Through the Lens / Camera Prompters

Many on-site projects where talent is speaking directly into the camera will use a camera prompter where the camera shoots “through the lens”. 

A large benefit is the mobility of this setup where you can have the camera easily follow a subject panning side to side or tilting up and down on a tripod (or crane, slider, dolly, etc).

The camera actually mounts to the teleprompter and the prompter mounts to your tripod. Super helpful for on-location live and pre-record virtual events in the bright light.


Multiple Options

Wireless Steadicam / iPad Prompter

This year we added the wireless teleprompter for steadicam operations and it’s worked tremendously. 

We have 2 versions for the steadicam depending on the setup. 

Our truly HDMI/SDI wireless computer based version is rock solid, and then we also offer an iPad version – but we don’t typically recommend the iPad option as it’s not AS smooth.

It works, but not as good.

 A truly HDMI/SDI wireless solution is the gold standard.


Multiple Options

Presidential Teleprompters

Are you giving a presentation and are interested in having your script up on a matching pair of high bright presidential style teleprompters with an expert teleprompter operator who can track your words at the perfect pace?

Speeding up when you need to, slowing down when you need to, adapting to your flow on the fly?

We offer the newest (2022) and best presidential teleprompter rental not only in Minneapolis and St Paul Minnesota, but we do events all over the Midwest (and nationwide) for conferences, conventions, concerts, and more. 

Rent your presidential teleprompters to make your presentation go it’s best. 

Use the form below to check if we’re available. 


Behind the Scenes - Twin Cities Presidential Teleprompter Rental Setup at forum
Behind the scenes of presidential teleprompters at a forum at St Paul River Center MN - Matching Pair - Edited

“Our teleprompter operator was so easy to work with and made things go so smoothly during our video shoot. I can’t imagine doing any video shoot with complicated lines, and lots of content we needed to go through, without [Travis] at Provid Films. It really made a huge difference. We even wrapped filming early because things went smoother than expected.” 

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