we are a Minnesota Livestream Company


As you can probably guess by our 612 area code, we are locally owned and operated Minnesota livestream company.

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What are the different types of events we livestream?

  • Live Events: In-person gatherings in a specific location.
  • Virtual Events: Remote events via virtual meeting platforms and streaming software.
  • Hybrid Events: Combining live and virtual elements, like live-streaming in-person events.



What types of events do you offer livestreaming services?

The most popular types of events include annual company meetings, nonprofit galas, corporate events throughout the year, town hall meetings, political speeches, and remote video feeds for live TV segments like Fox Business or NBC.


There are a lot of events though that happen each year and could be streamed. 

  • Conferences: Livestreaming allows for a larger, geographically diverse audience, enhancing information exchange and networking opportunities.

  • Round Table Discussions: foster a broader engagement, invite virtual participants to contribute to discussions.

  • Private Interal Events: Streaming these moments can extend the spirit to remote employees or stakeholders, fostering a sense of community.

  • Team-Building Events: Get remote teams to participate

  • Shareholder Meetings: Build trust, transparency and accessibility, allowing shareholders worldwide to participate in key corporate decision process

  • Board Meetings: Bring transparency and buy-in.

  • Wellness Events: Streaming wellness activities can encourage participation from all employees, emphasizing the company’s commitment to health and well-being.

  • Customer & Client Appreciation Events: Amplify client engagement and reach, showcasing your company’s gratitude on a larger scale.

  • Employee Appreciation Events: Streaming can acknowledge and celebrate employees company-wide, reinforcing appreciation and boosting morale company wide.

  • Awards Ceremonies: wider recognition of employees’ achievements

  • Milestone Celebrations: highlights company achievements to a broader audience, enhancing brand image and employee pride.

  • Business Seminars: widen the learning opportunity, making valuable information accessible to a larger audience.

  • Product Launches: create excitement and anticipation for new products, reaching a global audience and potential customers, earned and owned PR

  • Fundraisers: increase visibility and participation in fundraising efforts, potentially leading to greater donation collection.

  • Company Retreats: include remote employees in team-building and strategic sessions.

  • Conventions: Streaming provides access to a wider membership base, fostering inclusivity and broader representation in discussions.

  • Symposiums: significantly extend their impact and educational value.

  • Tradeshows: expand the audience beyond the physical venue, offering exhibitors and attendees increased networking and business opportunities.



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How do we check availability or get pricing?

To check availability or get pricing, the best route is to use the link below to send us your details and schedule a meeting using the link you’ll get via email. 

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Do you work across the state or only the Twin Cities?

Most of our livestreaming clients are in the Twin Cities, but we cover nationwide.

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