We were talking about who the best MN Production / Media Companies in the Minneapolis / St Paul area and the name that kept popping up was Token over at www token.com


What makes their work stand out?

Consistently top caliber work that’s solidly produced, the timing is spot on, and the lighting is impeccable.

What’s one of our favorite pieces of work by them?

Their piece about Minnesota based company Bushel Boy Tomatoes really shares a commercial story in an engaging way. Yes it’s from a few years ago – it’s just that good in terms of sharing a story.


What is another project by Token that stands out?

Another project that stands out in terms of a great idea is their work with branded content. Branded content is when you produce something (a cool documentary, a mini-series, a podcast, tutorials or training articles, etc.) that people perceive as valuable. When they like your piece of content and share it, like it, or leave comments, as a brand that’s sponsoring the production of that piece of content – you received the benefit of customer perception similar to brand marketing. Brand marketing unlike direct marketing focuses on just shaping your customer / potential customer’s views and opinions towards your brand.

Rolex, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, and Tiffany are notorious for this type of marketing. While they could highlight the hardware or specific details about their products – they instead showcase a perceived affluent lifestyle. It’s almost as if you could have that attractive spouse, perfectly always happy family, giant mansion, and hot sports car if you just went out and bought that watch like the actor in the commercial… At least that’s the perception they’re pitching. In these type of branding commercials like the below Red Wing Shoes Film Series – they’re trying to have you associate their brand with quality and a lifestyle rather than just the features and benefits of your product. Quite the slick video commercial these advertising agencies know how to produce right?


You might notice that the majority of the time the Red Wing Film Series says nothing about shoes – and yet everything about their company at the same time. They want you to perceive quality, attention to detail, and feel a high sense of value which rubs off on their brand. When they mention Red Wing Shoes in this St Paul barge video – they’re able to say things without saying things. They use their customer as a video testimonial to get their message across without sounding like they’re bragging.

The following project with Summit Brewing and Red Wing Shoes is another great example. As you watch it – think to yourself in whether you could see your brand creating valuable content around your customer’s business. Do you have amazing customers – could you brag on them – do they showcase what you strive to be as a company?