Video Production Rate Card – How Much Do Video Production Companies Charge and what is the rate card?

What is the video production rate card?

Here is a sample video production rate card for a production company in the Minneapolis MN USA. It’s pretty old – as you can tell by the Canon C100 and Canon 6d, but hopefully it gives you a starting point to plan your video pricing. Add 25-50% for more current pricing with higher quality gear and much more experienced crew.

Why would you need a rate card?

When you’re working with agencies and corporate clients, or any business client for that matter, they need your pricing at-a-glance when they’re pricing out and planning their video projects and considering hiring your video services.  

They can look at your pre-production rates, production rates, and post production rates (and use their experience on past projects) to roughly calculate how much their project may cost. 

If this helps you, feel free and consider sharing it with others. 

Note – this is an old rate card from when we were starting out with less experience, less gear. Fill out the form below if you’re looking or our current rate card.