Corporate Interviews and Talking Head Examples

Professional sound, lighting, detail, composition, movement.

Our goal is to always maximize production quality while hitting our budgets.

Some projects include a large crews - others small crews. 

The interviews in the 2 videos below were captured by Provid Films, not edited by Provid Films

The examples below here are old (2017 or earlier) - will update this page by end of March 2021



This project was a half day video shoot where we conducted 3 interviews and small LED lights.

 We often keep our interviews short and precisely on-point to what we plan on using in the finished 1 minute edited commercial. Meaning, one trick to keep your costs down is that we don't film a lot of useless / extra content. The client here uses this 1-minute commercial year-round playing on the big movie theater screens in town.

Guests have commented how great it looks on the big movie theater screen since we filmed and edited this in UHD / 4k. 


Below here is an example of an educational course type training video for an investment manager. We produced this project with a small crew – half day shoot. The background is actually the natural wall here in the Casket Arts building in North East Minneapolis, Minnesota – it’s a 100+ year old building and a lot of people like the charm and warmth of the hand made bricks. The unique colors come from the way they made the bricks using horse power (literal horses walking around in a circle) to power the machine that mixed the brick material. Anyways – it’s just a situation of using on location scouting to find the best scene – and here our client liked the bricks.

The client wanted to showcase his personality as an educational speaker pitching for a large training contract with a top rated corporation for online e-learning videos which would be an ongoing monthly retainer type project. He wanted to put his best foot forward, so we filmed this quick video to demonstrate his on camera style ↲


The following project we’ve worked with this client on multiple fundraising campaigns with great success always surpassing their financial goals. This project included 1 full day shoot with 1 filmmaker: ↲


Real estate agents can have a tough time differentiating themselves from their competitors. That’s why we often help them stand out by telling their story. Here they wanted us to present them in a warm, trustworthy and experienced fashion positioning them as a fun team that can handle that move-up / forever home purchase (often large lakefront properties). We used testimonials to help share things that would sound ego-centric if it were the agent, and used the agent’s speaking to show personality and approachability. This project was filmed across multiple days using a small crew for interviews, 3 additional partial-day shoots for b-roll. ↲


The following video is 1 of the 5 videos we filmed in a half day with a small camera crew: 1 camera operator and 1 boom audio operator in an active city park. The goal was to create 5 video modules used inside a travel safety e-learning course shared with customers around the world. ↲

We filmed the interview footage here for The Main Street America Group with Austin Mutual Insurance Company in Maple Grove Minnesota.

It showcases what you can do when you have a very limited budget for internal communications in the banking sector. They knew that a video would be much better received for an update than just text and photos in an email. Since it was an important message getting sent to all of the members of the organization, they worked to keep the script as short as possible while hitting all of their required details in such a heavily regulated industry. They required the use of a teleprompter to ensure they stayed on script. Filmed with a 2 person crew in just a half day, a main cinematographer and an assistant to help with setup/teardown, and a simple wireless microphone was used – with the main talent (in this case business executives and leaders) only in the room for their section of the video saving them valuable time. 


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