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If you’re planning an in-person event, why not reach more people, get your message more broadly spread, and amplify what you are already doing with a hybrid virtual livestream? 

 Coming from live events to the virtual world opens so many opportunies.

When you want to serve the world and provide a way of connecting people and finding a way for them to spread their message with the world.

As a platform, virtual events are the one of the greatest ways to connect with people around the world.

We want to help people grow something online that matters.

Where can you take your organization’s knowledge

Build people around you that can help support you and move you forward.

Why are Virtual Events different?

We will go back to in-person events again, but virtual is here to stay.

It is a great way to amplify your in-person events.

The best organizations are the ones who look at what tools are out there and what strategies are working to connect with their own unique audience. No two events are identical, and no two companies virtual events are produced the same way.

Now is the time to build great strategies to not only share content and be of service, but the strategies we can use to make meaningful connections and deeper impacts on audiences.

A great user experience online is why virtual events offer higher levels of interactivity to support our goals.

Imagine allowing access to people who maybe can’t travel to your event, to get your message more broadly spread or can’t afford to come to your in-person event.

That’s where working with a great virtual event production company can really help!


Virtual Events vs Hybrid Events vs In-Person Events – which is better?

People often ask what’s the difference between these types of events and which type of event is better.

It’s not as easy as simply ranking them in order though, whether you have a meeting or event in person, hybrid, or online depends on so many variables.

In these quickly changing times, it’s more important to ask your event partner their flexibility and ability (and whether your proposal) includes flexibility in the type of event you’re planning.

Some video production companies can only do in-person events and some virtual event production companies can’t really do in-person live events. It’s important to know the flexibilty and capabilities of the company you’re working with.

virtual event production company graphic We are your virtual event production company:

Provid films is a video production company with experience in the virtual / hybrid event and meetings industry focused on the video side.

Our clients are those working on a budget, looking for quality but on a budget.

We offer video production company services within reasonable budgets, and we focus on delivering an amazing experience and value. If your project is too big for our capabilities, we have relationships with some of the top award winning biggest and best virtual event video production companies in not only the Twin Cities but the entire country.


– camera crew to pre-record content, (like interviews, case studies, testimonials, product demostrations, site visits)

– live streaming for your meetings (just the basic 1 camera setup and using the sound from your audio mixer)

full service hybrid event video production with pre production, filming, and editing (this could range from a few weeks to a few months of work)

To get started, please quickly check availability. 


We get booked weeks to months in advance depending on the project.

Pronounced Provid (not Covid) Films, we are your local choice Minneapolis video production company.

If you’re based in the Twin Cities / Minneapolis / Saint Paul, Minnesota area – call 612-208-8819 or fill out the connection form to check our availability & timeline for new clients.

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