This article is the result of research and experience – we hope it helps you in narrowing down your options with the best corporate video production companies in or near St Cloud Minnesota. We’ve handpicked a short list of top 3 best corporate video production companies in (or near) Saint Cloud Minnesota.

There are a lot of video production companies around the St Cloud area when you included nearby cities like Sauk Rapids, Waite Park, or Sartell, or some of the smaller nearby cities like Clear Lake, Clearwater Minnesota. St Cloud is 20-30 miles from cities like Becker, St Joseph, Silver Creek, Foley, Rockville, Rice, and Big Lake Minnesota. It’s an easy drive to Oak Park, Saint Stephen, Cold Spring, Annandale, Kimball, Monticello and Maple Lake Minnesota.

All of these cities are within 50 miles of St Cloud MN so which corporate video production company is the best in the Region?

One thing to keep in mind is that you may have best results hiring a video production company in Minneapolis MN as they are a short 90 minute drive away.

That said – if you’re in the market for filmmakers who can change the course of your brand or company, look no further than these killer St Cloud MN video production companies.

Remember – as you go about considering hiring the best video production company – the “best” company is the one that help you build trust, develop your brand, explain complex products, and more. 

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Types of Video Production Services in St Cloud Minnesota

Corporate Training Videos

A business needs to create training videos to keep its employees, partners, and customer up-to-date on topics. Popular corporate training video topics include new products and services. That requires attention to the aspects of production, distribution, capital components, and customer perspectives. For this type of training to better your company, it will require that you rethink the whole process.

 From start to finish you will have a production company that gives a fresh perspective to your company training videos.


Corporate Training Video Company in St Cloud MN

Live Action Video

Production for live action videos typically include setting a shoot location, hiring talent (if needed), and filming. Be sure you are filming with a professional camera & lighting crew. For live action video, we often provide a local camera crew to film and send (or upload) the raw footage. That footage is sent (often) to a company’s own in-house video team to edit.

Live action video often utilizes 4k drones as well – ensure our drone operators are FAA licensed under Part 107.

Live Action Video production - photo by jose pedro ortiz

Animation Video Services:

Production for animated videos include developing illustrations assets based on the pre-determined style and storyboard. After planning and approvals of the initial plans, then animating them in After Effects (or other software)

Production for animated videos sarath p raj

Post-production (aka video editing)

Once the corporate video is captured on camera, the post-production phase includes any editing required. Edigint involves adding the finishing touches such as additional narration or voiceover, graphic animations, selecting royalty free music. To finish a project well, make sure you discuss revisions and how many are included. You want to make the video just right – so get the exactly how many revisions are included in writing. Also know the cost of additional revisions. Many include 1 or 2 rounds of revisions and additional rounds costing $250-350, but some charge more.

Post-production aka video editing - onur binay

How do you choose the right video production company in St Cloud MN?

  • The best corporate video production company will be offering a service that can be used for any industry. They work per project or monthly priced, with services typically in the $4000 – $10,000 per project or per month depending on your project needs. If you are producing a corporate event, we’ve seen them go past $200k. It really comes down to your specific requirements for expertise and quality, which is often tied to how many days, crew, and gear you have on the project.
  • Thankfully corporate video has been able to help many companies grow their businesses. The ROI can make sense investing the necessary resources to do it right. 
  • It’s important that the company you choose is one of the most trusted and best reviewed companies in its industry.
  • They make beautiful, dynamic, informative and entertaining when you work with a leading provider for corporate videos.

Corporate Video Production Cost - photo by northfolk - pre-production with video production companies in St Cloud

How much does Video Production Cost?

One thing to keep in mind regarding cost is that the entire process. For a quality, professional corporate video, it can take days, weeks or even 6-12 weeks for completion. That time to complete a project costs more than quick projects.

In choosing your production company to work with, you are really choosing a creative partner. A creative partner (like an artist) brings vision, ideas, problem solving, and hopefully excellent service. It’s all part of the price you pay

Often the cheaper bids you receive are cutting corners to get their prices down. Whereas the higher end companies are including more value added options with the appropriate margins to go above and beyond.

When a quote comes back drastically high or low, it may indicate that they haven’t really listened to your needs. Note: why are they not asking those important questions to give an accurate quote before they win your business?

Now imagine working with them after they have the deposit.

Now for the important part!

Here’s the list of the top 3 video production companies in St Cloud MN

St Cloud State University aerial drone photograph - video production companies in St Cloud

3. Anderson Hughs – outdoor video production company in St Cloud in MN

One of St Cloud Minnesota’s best known video production company – Anderson Hughs has a great portfolio of off-road vehicle and outdoor type corporate video production work. Whether large crew or small – they focus on work that connects with their audience whether that’s about a product or service.

Their outdoor video (whether online video ads or tv commercials) are truly breathtaking.

They also are experts with explainer videos, testimonial videos, produc launch video, branding video, and 3d animation video for companies large and small – whether your company has an in-house video production.

See the Anderson Hughs demo reel from their Youtube page below:

2. StringLine Motion Picture Company – Full Service Video Production Agency in St Cloud MN

What is a full service video production agency? They are a company that includes everything from planning and pre-production with the creative agency, through to the actual video production with cinematographer and camera crew sometimes in a local TV studio or in partnership with a studio rental facility for the specific project, and finally the video editing / post production.

As a leading full service video production agency in St Cloud MN, Stringline offers a one-stop-shop for corporate video projects

Clients have included industry leaders like: St Cloud Regional Airport, Clothes Mentor, St Johns Abbey, and Marco Technologies.

1. Provid Films – Corporate video production company for your project in St Cloud MN

If you’re in the market for filmmakers who can change the course of your brand or company, look no further than the this amazing Minnesota video production company.

Corporate video production at Provid Films is their speciality. They produce, shoot, edit and delivery world-class high end corporate video. They create smart, honest, and beautiful work at an affordable price in St Cloud Minnesota and all of Minnesota.

Choosing an agency that can create engaging videos is hard, they get it. That’s why they’ve worked for years and will continue to strive to be the best corporate video company for your project in St Cloud and central Minnesota.

In summary, if you are looking for the video production company specializing in storytelling & strategy for corporations, brands & nonprofits. Provid Films is the one to choose.

Get high-quality video for less. Schedule a free creative call with the experts at Provid Films – www.providfilms.com – or call 612-208-8819 to check availability. During busy seasons, they only take a limited number of new clients to ensure attention to every project. Technically located ~1hr drive away – they cover the area most times without any travel fees and handle projets nationwide (not just Sauk Rapids Waite Park, or Sartell)

Who is Provid Films?


Provid Films is a top-tier video production company offering a range of AV and video services to meet your organization's video needs.

We specialize in providing freelance camera crews and video production services, ranging from interviews and b-roll, to documentary and news, to meetings and events - ensuring high-quality content aligns with your company's objectives.

Our team is experienced in producing professional video content and we're committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Using our proven process, we take the hassle out of video content with scaled solutions nationwide for global distribution. 

Things like remote camera crews, remote colaborative editing, livestreaming, hosted media management, travel proven crew and camera kits ready to go.

Don't hesitate to reach out to Provid Films - we've been around since 2012 and we've got you covered.

We're excited to connect with you and discuss how our services can help achieve your objectives.

Click on the graphic below to schedule a Fast 15 video call with our chief creative officer - or call us at 612-208-8819 for a quick quote on our video production services. 


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