My First day began when we met for two video shoots. We began with filming at a client's home for a promotional video for an upcoming in person event.

Being the first video shoot was more of a camera owner / operator gig in Cottage Grove MN, the DP Travis mic’d up the talent and found nice lighting that helped capture our talent in a natural way. We brought a mobile editing workstation and edited the promotional video on site so the client could use it the same day.

Once the client had approved the video edit and the file was delivered, we zoomed off too our second project of the day in Stillwater MN.

Our second project of the day was teleprompting for a Kickstarter video documentary. It involved some pretty high-level Hollywood talent so I can’t say much about that project. The things that stood out to me were that everything went smoothly and that we finished ahead of schedule.

Some other things I learned and want to remember:

  • I learned that you should stay silent while filming the client.
  • I learned that while being recorded, you should think about hand movements while talking.
  • I learned that using a Teleprompter, you see everything the client will say and can edit the script to make it easier for talent to remember their lines. As a teleprompter operator – your job is really about helping empower and bring confidence to the talent to deliver their lines (sometimes complicated and specific lines) with ease.
  • I learned that filming from a moving vehicle is dangerous and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Proper planning and safety being a major part of what you’re doing can help increase your level of safety.
My First day on a video production set in Minneapolis MN. I can’t share a photo from the actual video shoot but it looked pretty similar to this.

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I’m a film student getting my feet wet in the video production world of Minneapolis and St Paul, MN.

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