How to make a video testimonial – best practices from video production company Provid Films.

If you’re just learning how to make a video testimonial and need some help, here are a few of the best practices. At the bottom we show you how to request a testimonial from a client and even include templates to make it easier!


  1. Authentic customer story
  2. Ecstatic or unique (either works)
  3. Well spoken
  4. Preparation is king (paragraph answers for practice, just questions for actual video)

Shooting Tips:

  1. Natural environment if possible (customer location or yours – whichever makes sense)
  2. Sound quality is key (link to affordable microphones)
  3. Good lighting (easy if you look for it. hint: windows, look for dark areas and turn towards the light)
  4. Eliminate camera shake (cell phone mount with basic tripod)


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