Best Practice: top questions to ask during a corporate interview for authenticity

After years of filming, these are the best corporate interview video questions (and most common) we are using for authentic interviews.

When filming a corporate video interview, often called a “talking head video”, it’s easy for your talent to sound robotic.

How do you make your interviews sound authentic?

1) First tip to an authentic interview is to have an authentic conversation. If you sound scripted in reading your questions, is it a surprise that your talent is going to sound scripted in their answers? We don’t normally read a list of questions when talking with friends or family, we have authentic conversations. So if you want to have your interview sound authentic, memorize the questions – understand where the questions are leading to – and try to actually engage with the interviewee. You can give your own thoughts on answers as well – you can share your thoughts. This can be an authentic conversation – just remember that you will be editing out your talking – so pay attention to how the talent is answering. To do this – it takes skill and practice – but it’s so rewarding.

It’s helpful if you build some raport with the interviewee before sitting down in front of the big cameras and lights. Whoever is doing the interviewing – from the camera side at least – have them engage with the interviewee so that it doesn’t feel like a show. It’s good to first acknowledge the gear, the cameras, the lights, the microphones and that this can feel a little overwhelming but that really you are just there to have a conversation. 

Once the elephant in the room is called out, then But If you have How do we consistently get authentic and natural sounding interviews?

It’s not one single question or tip.

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