Have you really thought about how important the right song is to a moment?

Perhaps you’ve heard that music is the foundation of any great video – perhaps second by the story you’re telling.

We all know that music is important to a scene – but sometimes it’s difficult really show it – or more accurately to feel it.

This commercial by our favorite music licensing company nails it on the head with a pretty entertaining valentines day commercial.

What do we love about this video?

  1. The script is short and quick
  2. The story is funny
  3. It’s well timed for Valentine’s day (2 days away – as of writing this in 2019)
  4. The visuals are very cinematic and high quality

Aside from the song choice, the lighting, composition, and overall catchiness of it?

Ultimately it’s the funny play with a timely holiday here that stands out and makes you want to share it.

If you create a video like this that starts to get some natural traffic on Youtube and then add some budget on your video ads – you could be set up for a home run video ad campaign.