Why Choose Industrial Video Production Over Hollywood?

The allure of Hollywood is undeniable, with its red carpets, star-studded events, and blockbuster films. However, the industrial video production industry offers its own set of unique advantages that can be incredibly rewarding for a video production company. Here’s why:

1. Stability and Demand

  • Hollywood: Highly competitive, with many projects being one-offs.
  • Industrial: Steady demand for various types of videos, from training videos to product demos, offering a more stable income.

2. Creative Freedom

  • Hollywood: Often constrained by studio demands, market trends, and audience expectations.
  • Industrial: More room for creative solutions to real-world problems, allowing for innovation.

3. Client Relationships

  • Hollywood: Projects are often short-term, making long-lasting client relationships rare.
  • Industrial: Opportunities for long-term partnerships with businesses, leading to repeat projects and referrals.

4. Impact and Value

  • Hollywood: Entertainment-focused, with less emphasis on educational or practical value.
  • Industrial: Videos often serve a critical function, such as employee training or product marketing, making the work impactful.

5. Skill Diversification

  • Hollywood: Specialization in entertainment genres may limit skill set.
  • Industrial: Requires a broad range of skills, from technical explainers to corporate storytelling.

6. Geographic Flexibility

  • Hollywood: Mostly centered in specific locations like Los Angeles.
  • Industrial: Opportunities exist across various regions and industries, allowing for more geographic flexibility.

7. Faster Turnaround

  • Hollywood: Projects can take years from concept to screen.
  • Industrial: Faster project cycles mean quicker payouts and the ability to take on multiple projects in a shorter time frame.

8. Lower Entry Barriers

  • Hollywood: Requires significant investment and connections to get started.
  • Industrial: Easier to enter the market and start acquiring clients, especially for smaller production companies.

9. Business-to-Business Opportunities

  • Hollywood: Primarily consumer-focused.
  • Industrial: B2B focus allows for higher project budgets and more straightforward marketing strategies.

10. Intellectual Property

  • Hollywood: IP often belongs to studios or investors.
  • Industrial: More opportunities to retain rights to original content, such as templates or training modules.

Choosing industrial video production doesn’t mean giving up on creativity or ambition; it means applying those qualities in a different, equally rewarding arena. With its unique set of challenges and opportunities, the industrial sector offers a fulfilling alternative to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Challenges and Solutions

Is Your Company Facing These Issues?

Complex Processes: Struggling to simplify them?

Solution: Implement Process Explainer Videos to make complex procedures easily understandable for a wider audience.

Safety Concerns: Need to enhance workplace safety?

Solution: Employ Training & Safety Videos to standardize and enforce safety guidelines throughout your organization.

Brand Awareness: Want to stand out?

Solution: Use Corporate Overview and Product Demonstration Videos to set your brand apart in a competitive market.

Product Education: How to inform potential customers?

Solution: Rely on Product Demonstration Videos to effectively educate both B2B and B2C audiences about your offerings.

Cost-Effectiveness: Looking to optimize ROI?

Solution: Provid Films delivers scalable video production options tailored to various budgets without sacrificing quality. Consulting with a video strategist at Provid Films allows for a more holistic content strategy, dramatically reducing per-video costs while significantly boosting ROI.


Example Client Work: Safety Rail Company

The Safety Rail Company, a frontrunner in the field of rooftop fall protection, serves as a one-stop provider for comprehensive fall-protection solutions. This is vividly demonstrated in a video produced for them, which offers an inside look at their Made-in-America manufacturing facility and their specialized in-house installation services. The video has been instrumental in enhancing the ROI of their appearances at industrial tradeshows, particularly by spotlighting their state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and new robotics.



Example Client Work: 3s Lift – Clean Energy Industry “Lift” manufacturers.

As a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based video production firm, we frequently collaborate with out-of-town companies seeking to document their industrial facilities in the Twin Cities area.

One such project involved a major international manufacturer in the clean energy sector, specifically in wind power generation.

Our team traveled to Texas to capture footage at a wind farm, even venturing inside full-sized wind turbines to film for the client 3s Lift.

The “Climb Auto System” by 3s Lift is a ladder-mounted climbing device designed for single technicians. It facilitates the effortless transportation of both personnel and equipment up and down wind towers, thereby eliminating the need for manual ladder climbing. This system enables a wind technician to ascend to the top of a wind turbine in just 5 minutes, without breaking a sweat.

We relish the opportunity to work in such a robust industry, featuring grand structures and complex machinery. These projects not only allow us to understand the intricacies of how things operate but also provide insights into the company’s commitment to safety and OSHA compliance.

Transforming the Ordinary: Digital Signage & Video Backgrounds Elevate a Simple CFL Lightbulb
At a cursory glance, a CFL lightbulb may not seem like the most exciting subject for a video. However, the creative potential of digital signage and video backgrounds can turn even the most commonplace items into visual wonders.

Challenge: Elevating a commonplace household item into a visual spectacle.

1. Detailed Close-Ups
Utilize macro lenses to zoom in on the lightbulb’s intricate features, such as its coil and glass. These detailed shots unveil the hidden complexity and craftsmanship behind seemingly simple objects.

2. Varied Perspectives
Capture the lightbulb from multiple angles and settings—be it an industrial backdrop or a homely environment. This approach lends the object a richer context and visual depth.

3. Dynamic Backdrops
Leverage the light from the bulb to cast intriguing shadows and reflections, transforming it into a visually stimulating backdrop for text or other multimedia elements.

So, how can you make something as ordinary—or even outdated—as a CFL lightbulb visually compelling? The answer lies in creative video techniques that elevate the mundane into the extraordinary.


Consult with a Video Strategist

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