A video business card is the one video that every business needs. It is a 2-minute video asset that takes the main unique driving forces: who someone is, why they do what they do, the things that get customers to make decisions about who they are going to do business with. It goes by many names: an origin story, a brand story, an ‘about me’ film, a home page video, a company video, and about 100 different names. This article is all about answering that question – What is a video business card!

This particular video can do a whole lot for a business. For the sake of time, I’m going to give you a few great things to think about which you can do with the video business card. If implemented – the VBC is designed to replace, automate, and upgrade the selling process.

Nobody should be wasting your companies time until they’ve seen your VBC. Why? Because until a potential customer understands and has an emotional connection with your brand – your calls are an expensive time and opportunity costs with unqualified prospects.

Often a VBC can either replace the phone calls you’re getting with low-quality leads now – or it can pre-frame your calls where callers are in a different state of mind ready to take the next step.

Imagine if you are selling a high ticket item and before you ever pick up a phone call the prospect already knows your purpose, they know what you offer, they know what makes you different.

At the end of the day – what makes a video business card different is not the layout or format – it’s all about the outcome you get. Customers that follow the proven 10 step implementation strategy of the VBC have found an amazing ROI.





Capture the ESSENCE & STORY


It’s important to remember that your business has value – you help your customers get results. It’s already inside of you!

When you can extract that essence of who you are and the story you hold inside – when you can capture that into a video is the moment you can start amplifying your success.

You’ve probably heard it before that video is one of the most powerful communication tools available for a business.

If you feel stuck doing 1to1 meetings – running out of time to meet more people… a VBC (a “video business card”)  can help you get your time back! 

Do you get stuck making sales calls?

What if we could make a 2 minute video that replaces your sales call?

We’ve done it – and we can do it for you.

What if you have this sales tool to free your time to do other important things?

Our videos don’t just replicate your sales meeting – they actually compress and upgrade the experience of a sales call with a video. 

What is a video business card (aka a VBC)? 

It’s an asset like any other asset in your business. 

1) It’s a tool designed to save you time

2) It’s a tool that makes you more money

3) It’s a tool that helps you build relationships AT SCALE


How do you make a video business card?

The first step to make a VBC is to capture the main components of what makes a business run.

The first step of that is to focus on the CRITICAL MOMENT.

While every business is unique – every business shares something we call the CRITICAL MOMENT. In sales – it’s that one a-ha moment where a potential customer goes from looking at your product (perhaps that’s picking it up, trying it on, etc) where they go from looking to buying.

Every sales cycle has that moment where a customer decides.

So thinking about your business – what are the things that once potential customers see and hear them – that moment – they have that breakthrough?

Or explained a different way: when do people make that decision to buy?

What if we could make a video that replace sales calls?

We don’t just replicate sales calls – we compress and upgrade the experience of a sales call with a video.

All because you create an asset, that saves you time, that makes you more money, and builds relationships at scale.

Before we reveal the exact formula, let’s make sure you understand the reason for this formula so you know how to use it.

We broke those into 5 steps. These 5 steps represent the 5 drivers of a company.

If you can take all these 5 steps and compress them into a 2 minute video and integrate it into a business – you are now taking all of these drivers and releasing them from the limitations of time.  

It’s kinda embarrassing to look back on old projects we’ve done years ago from a stylist approach – but when we review the content and more importantly the results our old video business cards have gotten – it’s amazing to see that these videos are still getting results.

The same video you make today can work for quite some time.

Okay, on to what makes for a good video business card.

The first step is the easiest step. It’s just the who. What’s the name of your business and what’s your title. Example: My name is Travis and I’m the founder of Provid Films.

The next step #2 is why.

Why are you even doing this business? A lot of people think that if you just explain what you’re offering – that people will buy – and that’s how you sell it. Absolutely not. They why behind a business is most important because if you can connect with someone on a why level then you are connecting with their purpose. The driving force of a person themself. 

(for steps #3 – 5, watch the vimeo video above or send us a message)


You can ignore the VBC – but you can’t ignore the results. 


Step 1 - Strategize

We capture ideas and find solutions amidst the chaos to bring your story to life. With proper planning, share your brand’s truth in ways that turn heads.

Step 2 - Plan

Review your plan for the project and ensure all the checklists are covered so that the rest of the video project goes smoothly 

Step 3 - Filming

The actual production side is exciting, fast paced, and fun! Our camera crews are top notch professional experts

Step 3 - Editing

See the planning and filming spring new life of their own as we edit your project together. Do you know where your project will be 6 months from now? 

Step 5 - Implement

This is where you start to generate your ROI. Our10 point marketing process guides you through exactly each step to profitability.

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