🌟 Here’s a list of the 25 largest manufacturing companies in Minnesota and ideas for video production services at every single one of them. Feel free to use these ideas or give us a call to chat about using one of these ideas at your company! 🏭

From agricultural giants shaping our food future to high-tech innovators revolutionizing industries, we delve into the heart of these remarkable enterprises.

Join us on a journey where expertise, ingenuity, and passion collide to create products that change lives.

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25 largest manufacturing companies in Minnesota

Here are bios for each of the 25 largest manufacturing companies in Minnesota, along with three unique video ideas for each:


  • Bio: Cargill is a global food, agricultural, financial, and industrial company. With headquarters in Wayzata, Minnesota, it boasts an impressive annual revenue of $177 billion.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “From Farm to Table” Documentary: Explore Cargill’s journey of bringing food from the farm to consumers’ tables, showcasing their commitment to quality and sustainability.
    • “Innovation in Agriculture”: Highlight Cargill’s cutting-edge agricultural technologies and their impact on modern farming practices.
    • “Global Sustainability Initiatives”: Showcase Cargill’s sustainability efforts worldwide, emphasizing their role in creating a more sustainable future for agriculture.

2. 3M CO. 🧪

  • Bio: 3M is a science-based company that offers products and solutions across various industries. Headquartered in Maplewood, Minnesota, they reported an impressive $34.23 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Innovation Unveiled”: Dive into 3M’s research and innovation centers, highlighting the groundbreaking products that have changed the world.
    • “Science in Daily Life”: Explore how 3M’s products are integrated into everyday life, from healthcare to consumer goods.
    • “Employee Spotlight”: Feature the brilliant minds behind 3M’s innovations, showcasing the diverse talent that drives the company’s success.


  • Bio: Medtronic specializes in products for cardiac and vascular diseases, surgical solutions, diabetes, neurological conditions, and spinal procedures. Their headquarters in Fridley, Minnesota, saw them generate $31.69 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Changing Lives with Medical Devices”: Share heartwarming stories of patients whose lives have been transformed by Medtronic’s medical innovations.
    • “Behind the Operating Room Doors”: Offer a behind-the-scenes look at Medtronic’s state-of-the-art facilities where life-saving surgeries are performed.
    • “Innovation for the Future”: Explore Medtronic’s research and development, focusing on upcoming breakthroughs in healthcare.


  • Bio: Land O’Lakes is a member-owned food and agriculture cooperative with operations spanning from agricultural production to consumer food. Based in Arden Hills, Minnesota, they achieved $19 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “From Farm to Table with Land O’Lakes”: Show the journey of dairy products, from farms to the Land O’Lakes brand, highlighting their commitment to quality.
    • “Supporting Dairy Farmers”: Feature the stories of dairy farmers working in partnership with Land O’Lakes to produce high-quality dairy products.
    • “Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives”: Showcase Land O’Lakes’ sustainability efforts in agriculture and their vision for a more eco-friendly future.


  • Bio: General Mills is a manufacturer of food products sold in various industries. They are headquartered in Golden Valley, Minnesota, and reported $18.99 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Behind the Breakfast Table”: Explore the making of General Mills’ iconic breakfast cereals and their role in millions of morning routines.
    • “Innovation in the Kitchen”: Highlight General Mills’ culinary innovation centers and the chefs responsible for creating new flavors.
    • “Community Impact”: Showcase General Mills’ philanthropic efforts and their commitment to fighting hunger and supporting communities.

Safety Rail Company

We had the privilege of working with Safety Rail Company, the definitive name in rooftop fall protection, stands as your sole partner for comprehensive fall-protection solutions. Discover our commitment to excellence in this video, as we guide you through the entire Made-in-America manufacturing process, culminating in our seamless in-house installation services.
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OK, back to the list.


  • Bio: Ecolab is a water, hygiene, and infection prevention company based in St. Paul, Minnesota, with revenues of $14.19 billion.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Water Warriors”: Spotlight Ecolab’s initiatives in water conservation and their role in ensuring clean water worldwide.
    • “Infection Prevention Heroes”: Showcase the work of Ecolab’s scientists and professionals in preventing infections in healthcare facilities.
    • “Sustainability in Action”: Illustrate Ecolab’s commitment to sustainability through innovative products and practices.


  • Bio: Hormel Foods is a global, branded food company based in Austin, Minnesota, with annual revenue of $12.46 billion.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Taste of Tradition”: Explore the history and tradition behind Hormel Foods’ iconic meat products.
    • “The Art of Flavor”: Showcase the culinary expertise and innovation that goes into creating Hormel’s delicious products.
    • “Sustainable Sourcing”: Highlight Hormel’s efforts in responsible sourcing and environmental stewardship.


  • Bio: Polaris designs, engineers, and manufactures snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, and more. They are located in Medina, Minnesota, with $8.59 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Riding with Polaris”: Take viewers on thrilling adventures, showcasing Polaris vehicles in action.
    • “The Science of Powersports”: Explore the engineering and innovation behind Polaris’ high-performance vehicles.
    • “Community of Riders”: Feature the passionate Polaris community, from enthusiasts to professional athletes.


  • Bio: Winnebago Industries manufactures motor homes, towable trailers, and boats. They’re headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, with $4.96 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Life on the Road”: Share stories of adventurers and families living their dream life in Winnebago vehicles.
    • “Crafting the Perfect Getaway”: Go behind the scenes to reveal the craftsmanship and quality that goes into each Winnebago product.
    • “Exploring with Winnebago”: Showcasing how Winnebago owners connect with nature and the great outdoors.

Shark Industries – Rockford MN

For years, Provid Films has proudly partnered with Shark Industries, a leading name in Minnesota’s manufacturing landscape. Through our collaboration, we’ve brought innovation and visual storytelling to their manufacturing processes, elevating their national recognition in the industry.

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Again, just a highlight of one of our customers, not actually a top 25 largest. Enjoy the video example though!

10. THE TORO CO. 🌱

  • Bio: The Toro Company produces professional and residential products for landscape maintenance, construction, and agriculture. Located in Bloomington, Minnesota, with $4.51 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Mowing Mastery”: Highlight Toro’s lawn care equipment and the people who keep green spaces looking pristine.
    • “Innovating Landscaping”: Explore Toro’s innovations in sustainable landscaping and water conservation.
    • “Toro in Action”: Showcase professionals using Toro equipment in various industries, from golf course maintenance to agriculture.


  • Bio: Pentair is a company specializing in residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and agricultural water treatment. Headquartered in Golden Valley, Minnesota, they reported $4.12 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Clean Water Champions”: Highlight Pentair’s efforts to provide clean and safe water solutions worldwide.
    • “The Future of Water”: Explore innovative technologies Pentair is using to address global water challenges.
    • “Water for All”: Showcase Pentair’s initiatives in supporting communities with clean water access.


  • Bio: Andersen Corporation manufactures window and door products. Based in Bayport, Minnesota, they generate $4 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Crafting Windows of Excellence”: Go inside Andersen’s facilities to see the craftsmanship that goes into each window.
    • “Designing for Tomorrow”: Explore Andersen’s commitment to energy-efficient and sustainable window solutions.
    • “Home Transformation”: Follow home makeovers featuring Andersen’s windows and doors.

13. H.B. FULLER CO. 🧪

  • Bio: H.B. Fuller is a company that formulates, manufactures, and markets adhesives, sealants, and other specialty chemical products. Located in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, with revenues of $3.75 billion.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Bonding the World Together”: Showcase the diverse applications of H.B. Fuller’s adhesives in industries worldwide.
    • “Innovation Lab Insights”: Take viewers inside H.B. Fuller’s labs to see how they develop cutting-edge solutions.
    • “The Science of Stickiness”: Explain the chemistry behind adhesives and sealants.


  • Bio: Donaldson Company Inc. specializes in filtration products and solutions for various industries. Based in Bloomington, Minnesota, they reported $3.31 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Clean Air Pioneers”: Highlight Donaldson’s role in providing clean air solutions for industries and vehicles.
    • “The Art of Filtration”: Show the intricate process of creating advanced filtration systems.
    • “Environmental Impact”: Discuss the positive environmental impact of Donaldson’s products.


  • Bio: nVent Electric manufactures enclosures, thermal management solutions, and electrical connections and fastening products. Headquartered in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, they recorded $2.9 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Electrifying Innovations”: Explore nVent Electric’s role in providing electrical solutions for various industries.
    • “Keeping it Cool”: Showcase the technology behind nVent’s thermal management systems.
    • “Connectivity Matters”: Explain the importance of electrical connections in today’s world.


  • Bio: Taylor Corporation, located in North Mankato, Minnesota, is a graphic communications company that manufactures labels, packaging, corporate identity, commercial print, forms, and promotional marketing solutions. They report $2.33 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Printing the Future”: Explore Taylor Corp’s cutting-edge printing and packaging technologies.
    • “Branding Excellence”: Showcase their role in helping businesses create strong brand identities.
    • “From Concept to Creation”: Take viewers through the process of designing and producing marketing materials.

17. GRACO INC. 🚀

  • Bio: Graco Inc., headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, specializes in equipment that pumps, meters, mixes, dispenses, and sprays a wide variety of fluids and coatings. They recorded $2.14 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Spraying Solutions”: Highlight Graco’s contributions to industries like automotive, construction, and manufacturing.
    • “Behind the Machines”: Showcase the engineering and manufacturing processes of Graco’s equipment.
    • “Innovation in Action”: Feature the latest advancements in fluid handling technology.


  • Bio: Sleep Number Corporation, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes adjustable-firmness beds and sleep-related accessory products. They generate $2.11 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “The Science of Sleep”: Explore the technology behind Sleep Number’s adjustable beds.
    • “Sleeping Better, Living Better”: Share customer testimonials about improved sleep quality.
    • “Sleep Number in the Community”: Highlight their philanthropic efforts and community involvement.


  • Bio: Associated Milk Producers Inc., located in New Ulm, Minnesota, is a dairy farmer-owned cooperative that makes cheese, butter, and powdered dairy products. They reported $2 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “From Farm to Table”: Showcase the journey of dairy products from local farms to consumers.
    • “The Art of Cheese Making”: Highlight the craftsmanship behind cheese production.
    • “Farmers’ Stories”: Share personal stories of dairy farmers in the cooperative.


  • Bio: American Crystal Sugar Co., headquartered in Moorhead, Minnesota, is an agricultural cooperative that processes and markets beet sugar, dried pulp, and molasses. They generate $1.77 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Sweetening Life’s Moments”: Showcase how sugar production impacts various aspects of daily life.
    • “Harvesting Sweetness”: Take viewers into sugar beet farming and processing.
    • “The Science of Sugar”: Explain the chemistry and technology involved in sugar production.

21. MARVIN 🏡

  • Bio: Marvin, located in Warroad, Minnesota, is a manufacturer of wood, clad-wood, aluminum, and fiberglass windows, doors, skylights, and architectural interior doors. They recorded $1.6 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Crafting Windows and Doors”: Showcase the meticulous craftsmanship behind Marvin’s products.
    • “Designing with Light”: Explore how Marvin’s windows and doors enhance architectural designs.
    • “Home Makeover with Marvin”: Follow a home renovation project featuring Marvin’s products.


  • Bio: Apogee Enterprises Inc., based in Bloomington, Minnesota, provides glass, metal systems, and installation for enclosing commercial buildings and framing art. They report $1.44 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Glass in Architecture”: Showcase iconic buildings featuring Apogee’s glass solutions.
    • “Framing Art: The Apogee Touch”: Explore the art of framing and preservation.
    • “Behind Commercial Facades”: Take viewers behind the scenes of commercial building projects.


  • Bio: Milk Specialties Global, located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is a manufacturer of whey and specialty protein ingredients serving the sports nutrition, health and wellness, food manufacturing, and animal nutrition markets. They generate $1.3 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Protein Power”: Highlight the role of Milk Specialties Global in the nutrition industry.
    • “The Science of Whey”: Explore the science behind whey and protein ingredient production.
    • “Fueling Athletic Performance”: Feature stories of athletes benefiting from their products.


  • Bio: Bio-Techne Corp., based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, focuses on the development, manufacture, and sale of biotechnology products and clinical diagnostic controls. They reported $1.11 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Advancing Biotech”: Explore the impact of Bio-Techne’s products on medical research and diagnostics.
    • “Behind the Lab Bench”: Take viewers inside the labs where cutting-edge science happens.
    • “The People Behind Progress”: Feature interviews with scientists using Bio-Techne’s solutions.


  • Bio: Tennant Company, headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, specializes in industrial, institutional, and commercial floor-maintenance and surface-cleaning equipment and technologies. They generate $1.09 billion in revenue.
  • Video Ideas:
    • “Cleaner Tomorrow”: Showcase Tennant’s sustainable and innovative cleaning solutions.
    • “Floor Care Expertise”: Share tips and insights on maintaining clean and safe floors.
    • “Client Success Stories”: Highlight businesses that have benefited from Tennant’s equipment.

These videos would help showcase the diverse industries and innovations in Minnesota’s manufacturing sector while providing valuable insights into each company’s unique contributions. 🎥🌟

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