Picking a niche is HARD (or at least it was).

What if you really enjoy different experiences, learning new things, not going to the same place doing the same thing, day after day?

This blog post is my notes from a video that was really helpful in outlining some specific action steps to help focus my messaging and start moving towards a specific niche as a small business – serving other professionals.

So without futher ado, here’s the notes hopefully organized in a helpful way.


Book to Brand Content

  • The Path of the Problem Solver: How to escape the world of replaceability by embracing challenges.
  • Infinite Game: Understand every story’s goal, the highs and lows, emotions, battles, mistakes, and solutions.
  • Systemizing the Journey: Transform challenges into systematic solutions.

Developing Your Brand

Turning Your Brand into a Unique Niche

  1. Visualize Your Ideal Future: Treat it as the end story.
  2. Pivotal Moments: Identify key moments in your past as starting points.
  3. Outline the Book:
    • Chapters Needed: To reach the end goal.
    • Key Points: For each chapter (Seriously, do this!).

Content Creation Strategy

From Book to Brand to Content

  • Start Point: Where you are now or pivotal life moments.
  • Content Development: Create newsletters, threads, and social media posts (e.g., tweets, Instagram reels, TikToks).
  • Long-Term Strategy: It’s a gradual process, not immediate. Outline a few chapters, allowing new ideas to flow and connect.

Writing Your Story

What Makes You Unique and Relatable

  1. Personal Experience: Start with a personal story to frame the topic.
  2. Relatable Aspects: Give hope and awareness of possibilities.
  3. Content Repurposing:
    • Articles/Newsletters: Write detailed sections of each chapter.
    • Podcasts/Videos: Repurpose the writing.
    • Social Media: Condense into tweets, carousels, and scripts.

Life-Changing Impact

Why Starting a Personal Brand Matters

  • Multidimensional Understanding: Flesh out big ideas into actionable steps.
  • Teaching as Learning: Share your honest experiences and learnings.
  • Personal Brand: It’s more than a business model; it’s a life philosophy.

The Big Picture

When In Doubt, Zoom Out

  1. Two Steps to Happiness: Focus on what’s important, ignore the rest.
  2. Perspective on Struggles: Understand your unique niche beyond traditional advice.
  3. Start Anyway: Immerse in information, let experiences connect the dots.

Closing Thoughts

  • The Profitable Niche is You: Encourage interaction and subscription.
  • Go support this creator on Youtube or order his book: https://theartoffocusbox.com/

Disclaimer: this is our personal review and notes and thoughts on the video and we have no relationship with the creator.