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What is Smart Kennel?

Smart Kennel is not just a latch; it’s a revolution in pet care. Imagine being able to release your pet from their kennel, no matter where you are, using just your smartphone. Smart Kennel gives you the power to do just that.

Why Smart Kennel?

1. Freedom from Anywhere:

  • Release your pet safely and conveniently from any smartphone.
  • Perfect for busy families, late-working individuals, and dog lovers.

2. Easy Installation:

  • Innovative, universal design easily attaches to almost any kennel.
  • Takes just minutes to install.

3. Multiple Pet Convenience:

  • Release two pets at once with multiple devices.

4. Scheduled Freedom:

  • Set an auto-timer to let your pet out at specific times of the day.
  • Control when your pet greets you in the morning.

5. Home Security & Pet Safety:

  • Respond to noises or intruders detected by your Ring doorbell.
  • Ensure your pet’s safety during emergencies.

How It Works: Your Pet, Your Schedule

  1. Open the Smart Kennel Release app on any smartphone.
  2. Your pet’s Smart Kennel releases connected to your home WiFi.
  3. Let your pet out without interrupting your busy lifestyle.

Perfect for:

  • Busy families
  • Dog/animal lovers
  • Late-working individuals

Crowdfunding Coming Soon!

We’re gearing up to launch Smart Kennel Release on crowdfunding platforms, and you can be a part of this pet care revolution.

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Join us in making pet care smarter, safer, and more convenient. Smart Kennel – Because your pet deserves the freedom they crave, and you deserve the flexibility you need.