Why would a company make funny commercials?

There are a few reasons why a company might make a funny commercial. One reason is that humor can be a effective way to grab people’s attention and make the commercial more memorable. This can be especially important in a crowded and competitive advertising landscape. Another reason is that humor can help to create a positive association with the brand or product being advertised, which can make viewers more likely to consider buying it.

One reason a company might make a funny commercial is that it can help to differentiate the brand or product from its competitors. In a crowded marketplace, it can be difficult for a brand to stand out, but a funny commercial can help to make it more distinctive and memorable. Additionally, humor can help to build a sense of trust and rapport with viewers, which can make them more likely to consider buying the product.

Our favorite ad of all time, Squatty Potty:

Squatty Potty
BTS / Inside look into the Harmon Brothers Ad Agency

This Dollar Shave Club video is now TEN years old and has 28 million views!

All of the Harmon Brothers ads are hilarious:

Harmon Brothers Video Ads are hilarious.

Here are a few more of our favorite commercials (we didn’t make these, we just found them online and they’re hilarious).

Being Married to the God of Wine is NOT Easy on Your Teeth

The Next Story of Naadam: The Democratization of Cashmere

“TEE-MERGENCY” by True Classic

Here’s a funny one by the lawyers at Velcro

Here’s Velcro’s follow up video after the success of the (above) video.

State Farm:

Smart Beeper:

Bond – Car Insurance Checking

This last video isn’t hilarious but it was super impactful when we saw it.

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