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Professional 4k/6k/HD Camera Crews in Minneapolis With Pro-Grade Gear

Our crew integrates with your company as easily as if we were your in-house team members – handling all the equipment logistics, scheduling crew call times, and all the other items that accompany on location production. We handle the details so you can work on what you do best. You can rest at ease while we deliver white glove service doing the creative video work we do best. From customer service available 24/7/365 – we know that the important thing is for you to have an on location crew that’s ready, willing, and able to accomplish your video capture needs at the level of quality you require.

What makes Provid Films camera crews unique?

Provid Films has a decade+ experience working with news stations, corporations, agencies, and more. Always striving for white glove service even when the budgets aren’t top tier budgets. Founded by an award winning director/producer Travis Johansen, his work has been aired well over 100 million times with clients from news agencies in Canada to UofM researchers in Antarctica, tv stations in Russia to manufacturers in Australia, and all between.

Why work with a newbie when you can work with the best?

Experience: We live and breathe this industry. We know how to plan for success, show up prepared, and have experience to react in the moment to whatever comes our way.

Attitude: You want a crew that’s excited to be there for your project. Even if it’s the 1,500th interview we’ve filmed – we will arrive with smiles on our faces and a positive attitude. We do this by taking good care of our crew and respecting them first. When you have a happy crew, with a positive attitude, your project is much more enjoyable all day (and project) long.

Team Mentality: Nobody on our crew will whine about something being “not their job” – we are TEAM players. While we enjoy focusing on specific technical roles when we can – because expertise really does come with specialization – we also are a very cross functional team. Whether that means you need someone to ask questions, clean snow off a walkway or rake out the sandy beach, or jump on in to save the day with a coffee run – we’re team players and nobody is above a job.

Cost EFFECTIVE local Camera Crews in Minneapolis

For your project to go off without a hitch – and especially valuable as last minute surprises pop up due to weather – talent availability – or location changes, you can be confident in knowing that our global headquarters is right here in Northeast Minneapolis MN. That means we have deep connections, insight, and experience making the magic happen – here.

Here are 5 more reasons it’s valuable to work witha local Minneapolis camera crew like Provid Films.

1. Local camera crews have an intimate knowledge of the local area that can save time and money in scouting locations for filming.
2. Local camera crews in Minneapolis have fewer associated overhead costs because they don’t require lodging, transportation, and other travel costs of out-of-state crews.
3. Utilizing a local camera crew allows a company to support the local economy and build relationships with local business owners and resources for potential future projects.
4. Local camera crews often own their own equipment, saving a company the cost of renting or purchasing additional equipment for the shoot.
5. Local camera crews in Minneapolis MN are generally more familiar with the rules and regulations of the local area regarding film and production, as well as any permits required, saving the company legal fees.

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