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Event livestreaming has changed!

If your organization is planning an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event – let’s chat.

We can help you turn your meetings and events into video that’s accessible to remote attendees or simply turning your event into a high quality video recording.

The most popular types of corporate event production include:

  • tradeshows
  • trainings
  • charity / fundraising galas
  • conferences
  • annual meetings or celebrations
  • team building or incentive trips
  • holiday parties
  • board meetings.

Turn your live event into your best virtual event with our video production company, Provid Films, in the Twin Cities.

Live streaming your live event is a great way to create an interactive experience for viewers, but they also give presenters a feeling of connection with their virtual audience and remote attendees as well. 

“Live Streaming Your Virtual Event Creates An Interactive Experience For Viewers.”

(credit: every virtual event planner iN 2022)

Live streaming your virtual event is the best way to make sure that every person who wants to attend, actually can come.

Live streaming your company event is about accessibility.

How do you pick the best live streaming company for your event video needs?

Planning a hybrid or virtual event can be a challenging and stressful task. There is so much that can go wrong if you chose the wrong vendor.

Luckily finding the right live streaming company in Minneapolis MN is not difficult when you use follow a simple process.

We made an easy checklist to guide your journey.

Do this thing FIRST before anything else.

check availability!

(use our form below or email us)

Why? Before you get your heart set on exactly which company you want to hire (w
hether you want to work with us or another company) just reach out and see if we are even available!

No company has unlimited crew resources – so before you go touting how awesome that company is to your team – first check availability

Take 10 seconds always send off an email to check availability.

How do you check our availability in 10 seconds?

Simply click on the photo right below to send off an email in 10 seconds.

It’s pre-written, just add the date and click send

Live Streaming Company in Minneapolis MN Checklist 

Most common types of corporate events using these services:

  • Virtual Events
  • Hybrid Events
  • Live Conferences Film Services and Recordings
  • Pre-recorded conference video production
  • Live Video Conference Feeds
  • Live Video Anywhere
  • Facebook Live
  • Live Event Webcasting

Hybrid Event Experts:

We’re experts at small and medium sized corporate event budgets.

Depending on the scale of your project, if you have at least a small or medium-sized budget allocated for your event to create a professional live stream – let’s chat.

Perhaps your company doesn’t have a large budget for something over-the-top, if so, then you’ll want to work with a production company that is on the smaller or medium side.

Whoever you hire, make sure you’ll be working with someone who has experience and knowledge to not just plan things so that your event goes smoothly, but the on-site experience.

Provid Films provides a turnkey solution to live streaming your event, from the planning side to the streaming side to the production of the ever-more-popular pre-recorded content to be inserted into your live event.

Hybrid events are becoming ever more dynamic and produced by mixing pre-recorded on-location segments that can have complete editing and fine control, plus the live content and interaction, plus the return of in-person audiences to make the event even more lively.

When you work with a knowledgeable corporate video production company like Provid Films, they can help you to create all the video assets to make your event stand out.

Services include:

  1. Planning the flow of your video streamed content
  2. Compile the virtual elements
  3. Creating the pre-recorded video assets
  4. Creating promotional videos (long form and short form micro-content type videos) to promote your event beforehand to get your audience excited
  5. Streaming your actual event with multiple cameras, with beautiful colors and lighting, great sound and the right level of energy to keep your audience engaged
  6. Live engagement and flow designed for a great UI/UX – to distinguish your event from the sea of ho-hum events
  7. After your event, we can rapidly edit and post social media content or highlight videos to be emailed out to attendees

We work with your event planners throughout the entire process to identify the best well-rounded solutions to accomplish your goals and scale within your budget.

When you hire us for your video work, we can extend the reach of every dollar you spend compared to the bigger agencies.

And when you have those giant budgets for massive events renting out sports stadiums, we can make recommendations to the best large production companies for your event production needs.

Why do we pass on the super large $200k+ events?

Because we know what the giant productions take in terms of 20+ crew members and entire truckloads of gear. That’s not our niche.

We are the masters of small and medium events – but here’s the cool thing.

We actually sub-contract with some of these large event and meeting companies – so we know which companies do things well and which ones do not.

We also sub-contract with some of the large production companies for their video production needs and that enables us to focus on what we do best. 

If you have a large project, we would be more than happy to personally introduce you to the right people inside these companies based on the type of project you’re planning. So send us your details and we’ll introduce you if we aren’t the best fit.

What does a live streaming company cost?

They say, you get what you pay for.

Most of our clients spend between $5k and $50k depending on the scope of work.

For small livestreams, we can come in with just a few cameras and a switcher and get stuff done. For these projects, we want to move the needle in making your meetings look and sound professional without overspending.

Medium sized events: the scope of work really can fluctuate the budget needs. For example, if you are producing a lot of pre-recorded content that requires multiple days of camera crews to go and film (compared to you sending us finished videos we just insert into your livestream) can change things a lot budget-wise. If we are doing video editing on well planned and shot content, editing could be a breeze. 

Large events: when companies have large scale event budgets in the $200k+ range, we would likely listen to your needs and then make some personalized recommendations and introduce you personally to our contacts inside some of the biggest and best gala and corporate live event production companies in the USA.

Examples of these events are corporate gatherings where they fly thousands of employees to large arenas – or large convention centers with 100FT LED walls and 1500 attendees. These events are NEXT LEVEL and super fun for us to sub-contract (or get hired directly by companies like yours) to film event highlights and recap videos.

So regardless of your budget, send us an email and we can at a minimum introduce you to the best fit.

No hard feelings if you’re too big or too small for us – we’ll tell it to you straight.

What services do we offer beyond live stream production?

Beyond just event streaming, our background is in the corporate and commercial video production world.

Interviews, teleprompters, scripted or unscripted, we do a lot of video work for companies looking to make solid professional video content. Our work has been viewed over a billion times to audiences around the world. You may have seen our work and never known it.

Beyond just the stream, we know the entire video process and have strategic insights for achieving your larger organizational goals and can offer video strategy that actually moves the needle.

Are you looking to train, recruit, promote, release something new or remember something old, share customer case studies, expand your audience, lead generation, increase conversion rates or something else?

Get more out of your event

As you plan your events and meetings

  • why not spend just a LITTLE bit of that event’s budget to actually expand your audience to remote attendees?
  • why not connect with people who can’t attend live at all?
  • why not break your presentations into shorter videos for attendees to re-watch (let’s be honest – few people rewatch the entire event start to finish!)
  • why not make short-form micro content using the content from presentations (like tiktok, stories, reels)?

If you need help to develop the right budgets to allocated towards which type of content – if you need pricing information – reach out.

What now? Do a quick calendar check. 


3 Ways to do a quick Calendar Check:

  1. Give us a call or text  612-208-8819
  2. Send us an email: calendar@providfilms.com
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