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Stream your best live events to the virtual world with our video production company, Provid Films, in the Twin Cities.

Live streaming your in-person event is a great way to create an interactive experience for viewers. Not only does a hybrid event allow you to share what’s happening in real-time, but it also allows viewers to interact with each other, and the speaker, during the event.

“Live Streaming Your Virtual Event Creates An Interactive Experience For Viewers.”

(credit: every virtual event planner in 2021)

Live streaming your virtual event is the best way to make sure that every person who wants to attend, actually can come.

Live streaming your company event is about accessibility.

How do you pick the best live streaming company for your event video needs?

Planning a hybrid or virtual event can be a challenging and stressful task. There is so much that can go wrong if you chose the wrong vendor.

Luckily finding the right live streaming company in Minneapolis MN is not difficult when you use follow the process.

There are many different factors to consider, so we made an easy checklist to guide your journey.

Do this thing FIRST before anything else.

Do a “Quick Availability Check“.

Before you get your heart set on which exact company you want to hire

(Whether that’s us or another company)

Before you go touting how awesome that company is to your team

Always send off an email to check availability!

How do you check our availability in 10 seconds?

Simply click on the photo right below to send off an email in 10 seconds.

It’s pre-written, just add the date and click send

Live Streaming Company in Minneapolis MN Checklist
Live Streaming Company in Minneapolis MN Checklist

Services for Live Streaming:

  • Virtual Events
  • Hybrid Events
  • Live Conferences Film Services and Recordings
  • Pre-recorded conference video production
  • Live Video Conference Feeds
  • Live Video Anywhere
  • Facebook Live
  • Live Event Webcasting

Hybrid Event Experts:

Depending on the scale of your project, if you have a small or medium-sized budget to create a professional live stream but perhaps lack the large budget for something over-the-top, then you’ll want to work with a production company that is on the smaller or medium side.

Whoever you hire, make sure you’ll be working with someone who has experience and knowledge to not just plan things so that your event goes smoothly, but the on-site experience.

Provid Films provides a turnkey solution to live streaming your event, from the planning side to the streaming side to the production of the ever-more-popular pre-recorded content to be inserted into your live event.

Hybrid events are becoming ever more dynamic and produced by mixing pre-recorded on-location segments that can have complete editing finesse and fine control, plus the live content and interaction, plus the return of in-person audiences to make the event even more lively.

When you work with a knowledgeable corporate video production company, we can help with all of your video creation needs to make your event stand out.

  1. Planning the flow of your video streamed content
  2. Compile the virtual elements for your stream
  3. Creating the pre-recorded video content
  4. Creating promotional videos or hype videos to air before your event to get your audience excited
  5. Streaming your actual event with multiple cameras, with beautiful colors and lighting, great sound and the right level of energy to keep your audience engaged
  6. Live engagement and flow designed for a great UI/UX – to distinguish your event from the sea of ho-hum events
  7. After your event, we can rapidly edit and post social media content or highlight videos to be emailed out to attendees

We can work with your event planners throughout the PLANNING phase to identify the best well-rounded package to accomplish your goals and scale within your budget.

When you hire us directly for your video work, we can extend the reach of every dollar you spend compared to the bigger agencies.

When you have a large budget, we can make recommendations to the best large production companies for your event production needs. How do we know? Because we have contracted with them for some of their projects and we see what we can create at a fraction of the cost of the large agency.

What does a live streaming company cost?

They say, you get what you pay for.

Most of our clients spend between $25k and $5k depending on how complex the project is and whether we’re producing a lot of pre-recorded content or doing video editing and content after the event.

When companies have larger budgets in the $50k to $250k range, we would likely listen to your needs and then make some recommendations on which of the best production companies in the Twin Cities is the fit for you. So regardless of your budget, send us an email and we can at a minimum introduce you to the best fit.

No hard feelings if you’re too big or too small for us – we’ll tell it to you straight.

What services do we offer beyond just being a live streaming company?

Beyond just event streaming, our background is in the corporate and commercial video production world.

We make beautiful content that actually moves your audience to take action.

Beyond just the stream, we know the entire video ecosystem and have processes for achieving your larger organizational goals and can offer video strategy that actually moves the needle.

We can help you develop content plans using your virtual live-streaming content so you can be churning out compelling and high-quality videos every day. We’re always churning out fresh ideas to make your content more visually and emotionally appealing to your target audience.

We’re constantly coaching, and being coached, by video marketing strategists so we know what is trending and what is working today.

Beyond the Day

We’ll edit and create professional video content all from the event you are already producing, so you can leverage your digital assets to create a larger impact saving you thousands of dollars and valuable time.

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