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Welcome to Provid Films – the premier provider for Minneapolis teleprompter rentals for events, presentations, and productions of all sizes in Minneapolis.

We’re headquartered at: 1720 Madison St NE, Suite 200, Minneapolis MN 55413 and a remote location in Coon Rapids, MN for those projects north of the downtown Minneapolis area.

We offer free pickup / delivery with prompter+operator combination rentals.

Our industry-standard teleprompters are easy to use and will definitely help you deliver your message with confidence, comfort, and clarity. Whether you need a portable prompter setup for on-the-go interviews, a through-the-lens (on-camera) prompter for your next corporate video project, or a matching pair of high-bright presidential teleprompter paddles for a high-profile speech or gala, we have multiple teleprompter rental options (and operators) with the expertise to meet your project goals.

Minneapolis Teleprompter Rental & Video Production Company
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Minneapolis Teleprompter Services

Our team of experienced teleprompter operators will set up and calibrate your script to be:

  • easy to read
  • easy to see
  • perfectly paced to follow your speech naturally
  • rehearse with you to get you feeling comfortable
teleprompter rental types in Minneapolis Minnesota Location

We offer different types of Minneapolis teleprompter rental options to fit your video project needs:

  • Through-the-lens
    • iPad/Tablet Portable
    • Small (pc computer based)
    • Large (pc computer based
  • Presidential / Confidence
    • High Bright / Matching Pair
video production services - gear rentals or camera crew

Video Services: Gear Rentals and Camera Crews In Minneapolis

Not only that, we show up:

  • professionally dressed
  • backup computer
  • pro-level software (Telescript)

Are you traveling into the area (or near Minneapolis) and wanting to rent a teleprompter for your video production project while you’re here?

We ensure a seamless and stress-free Minneapolis teleprompter rental experience. We offer flexible rental packages to fit your budget and schedule, and our team is available 24/7 to support you every step of the way.

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Contact us today to learn more about our teleprompter rentals and to request a quote for your next event or production. We look forward to helping you deliver your message with confidence and precision.