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If you’ve ever visited the MN State Fair Grounds during fair season, one of the many events held there during the year, you’d understand that it’s a bustling hub of activity, filled to the brim with engaging sights, enchanting sounds, and a palpable sense of excitement. We offer local solutions if you are looking for experienced professional MN State Fairgrounds camera crew and operators who live localAs a video production company or independent content creator in the Twin Cities, locally owned and operated, these lively scenes offer an incredible canvas to capture and narrate unique stories. However, navigating the landscape has benefits from working with local skilled camera crew and operators who are familiar with the fair grounds’ unique dynamics.

The right crew can make the difference between mediocre footage and a video that encapsulates the energy, excitement, and uniqueness of the MN State Fair Grounds.

Our experienced camera crew at Provid Films is just the team you need. We’ve grown up here – we know how to navigate the fair’s bustling environment, how to set up quickly, and how to ensure that we capture your required shots efficiently and effectively.

Having the right operators can dramatically enhance the quality of your footage. The ability to capture your project from multiple camera angles or unique camera positions with a variety of gear (from broadcast, ENG, cinema, small Sony mirrorless, action cameras, 360 cameras, and even drones) – this flexibility unlocks creative options to capture your crowd and presentation in a unique and engaging way.

At Provid Films, our operators are seasoned professionals, adept at getting the best out of every location. They have honed their skills capturing the quintessence of the MN State Fair Grounds, from the excited chatter of patrons to the thrilling action of live performances.

Our team at Provid Films takes pride in our video production capabilities. We work with a variety of clients, including corporate clients who wish to showcase their presence at the fair, to independent filmmakers crafting documentaries about the fair’s history and significance.

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, a thorough knowledge of the fair grounds, and a passion for storytelling, our camera crew and operators stand ready to assist with your MN State Fair Grounds video production needs.

With Provid Films, you’re not just hiring a camera crew or local videographer, you’re engaging a team of storytellers dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Reach out today and let’s create something remarkable together.

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Here’s a fun project produced by Provid Films – local MN State Fairgrounds Camera Crew – it’s called the “Where’s Waldo – MN State Fair” (Part 1)

Below is part 2 of that project.

Below here is Part 2 of the “Where’s Waldo – MN State Fair” project.

BONUS SECTION: What are the popular events at the MN State Fairgrounds?

Minnesota State Fair

Of course, the most renowned event is the Minnesota State Fair itself. It’s one of the largest and most well-attended state fairs in the United States, held for twelve days from late August through Labor Day. The fairgrounds come alive with a kaleidoscope of experiences – rides, art exhibitions, animal showcases, concerts, and a myriad of food vendors offering a variety of tantalizing fair favorites.

12 days, 2 million people, and 322 acres of experiences.

Back to the ’50s Weekend at the MN State Fairgrounds

Hosted by the Minnesota Street Rod Association, the Back to the ’50s Weekend in June is an impressive showcase of over 12,000 street rods, customs, and classic cars. This nostalgia-filled event is an excellent opportunity to capture scenes filled with vibrant colors, gleaming chrome, and crowds of passionate automobile enthusiasts.

Spring and Fall Horse Shows at the MN State Fairgrounds

Equine lovers flock to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for the Spring and Fall Horse Shows. These events showcase various horse breeds and disciplines, creating an amazing spectacle for animal-themed productions and b-roll footage.

The Twin Cities Antiquarian & Rare Book Fair at the MN State Fairgrounds

For literary and history enthusiasts, The Twin Cities Antiquarian & Rare Book Fair in July offers a treasure trove of old and unique books. The ambiance of this fair, coupled with the diverse crowd it attracts, can add a rich, intellectual layer to any video production.

MN Christmas Market at the MN State Fairgrounds

The MN Christmas Market is an annual pop-up holiday shopping event that showcases homegrown brands and local artisans. Its festive vibes and unique market stalls make for a delightful and vibrant visual feast.

These events, each with their own distinct charm and appeal, provide a wealth of opportunities for a diverse range of video productions at the MN State Fair Grounds. With the right camera crew and operators at hand, you can capture these iconic moments and turn them into unforgettable visual narratives.

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