As a teleprompter operator, I need an HDMI signal out of my computer.

I like to use an Atomos Shogun Inferno to serve as both an external monitor preview – as well as an HDMI to SDI converter.

With software, it’s necessary to see your secondary display before sending it through to video village or through distribution for live events or livestreaming big shows.

Why not just plug in HDMI to my computer?

For a while, all Macbook Pro’s only had USB-C. When I first encountered this problem, lucky me, that’s what I had.

As you can imagine, I’ve got different dongles and am loving the Mac Dongle Life.

Sarcasm aside…

When plugging my QGeeM dongle into the USB C port on my MBP M1, it had gone months being flawless on TV’s, when running directly to my teleprompter (which is basically a fancy TV), and directly into computer monitors.

I ordered 3 of these QGeeM dongles and I use them every day.

The issue has been when plugging my Dongle into two devices:
– Decimator (it has this semi-regular flicker)
– Shoegun Inferno (No Input Error Message)

Apple seems to only allow certain dongles to pass the video feed without flicker (or just black screen) for some odd reason.

Some Anker HDMI to USB C adapters have worked, but it’s hit or miss.

I’ve of course purchased the Apple Dongle now that I know, but how do you get your QGeeM to work as is?

Couple Work Arounds:

  • HDMI Splitter: I’ve used some older / dumb HDMI splitters and it worked. QGeem Dongle, HDMI into splitter, HDMI Splitter to Inferno and perfect. But, I picked up a new HDMI Splitter and now it is acting weird (still says No Image)

SOLVED: I was having the same issue – hook up the USB C HDMI dongle and the Shogun Inferno says NO INPUT.

I test both settings on the Atomos – HDMI 2.0 and 1.4, both still have the red X (no input)

Perhaps my dongle is broken?

Let’s TEST IT!

For HDMI, I have a few HDMI Splitters. Any time I’m running HDMI over say 15ft, I like to use a powered splitter as they have less issues than a basic HDMI output from a device. That extra power seems to push the video through the HDMI signal a little better. Less drop outs, etc..

I have 2 versions of the OREI brand ones. A cheaper 1×2 (link here)

But this time I bring out this 1×4 way HDMI splitter (OREI brand 18g model UHDS-104) and my teleprompter was seeing the video pass through from my Macbook M1 13″ using a Qgeem 7 in 1 usb c dongle JUST FINE!

Picture is perfect, no lag, no stutter, no flicker, everything is smooth as butter.

The 4 way HDMI Splitter I test 3 outputs:

HDMI output 1 going to Prompter (perfect)

HDMI output 2 going to a TV (works perfect)

HDMI output 3 going to Atomos Shogun inferno 4k (doesn’t work says No Input).

I tested different cables – they all worked fine to the TV but not to the Atomos. Ruled that out.

I updated to the latest Atomos firmware version 9.11 (still didn’t work, ruled that out)

I tried different HDMI outputs on the 4 way splitter (ruled that out)

I tried the TV / STD switch on the OREI (ruled that out – the Atomos in all this testing wouldn’t see the HDMI but the TV would).


Go into your Mac Display Preference / settings, click “Gather Windows”

then Change the Display settings to 50hz.

I was routing from MBP to the 1×4 hdmi splitter, set it to STD (standard).

– Poof – works like a charm. No flicker, no issues.

Alternative method:

– instead of the 7 in 1 usb QGeem adapter, using an Apple Branded USB C to HDMI seems to not have this issue, the problem goes away.

Apple doesn’t like off-brand Dongles – despite the Qgeem working flawlessly to my computer monitor – it doesn’t like the Atomos Inferno (described above) and it also doesn’t like Decimators when using the QGeem.

Some other branded ones seem to work sometimes – but it’s hit or miss.

As long as the Apple brand dongle works, I’m bringing it with me.

If you want to use my affiliate link, here’s a link to the Apple USB C – HDMI Dongle that I’ve found works: