Our most successful online video marketing strategies for 2018 we use are all related to storytelling. We use visual cues including light, movement, color, character action, etc. to drive the short video forward in telling a story. We see 2018 being the “year of ‘story'” as it is proving to be so effective in attaining higher click-through rates and conversion than any other method of video.

Who are we? We are a video marketing agency that sells Youtube pre-roll commercials and brand videos to businesses and organizations looking to increase sales or online conversion. We sell the actual production (scriptwriting, casting, scheduling, site visit and location scouting, on-site video crew, editing, revising, and finally delivery of web-friendly 4k marketing videos), our side hustle is on the distribution side with actual video placement of those videos. We do offer services nationwide with our headquarters being our Minneapolis video production company location.

Successful Online Video Marketing Strategies for 2018



Without further ado, here are our tips:

Our top 4 Successful Online Video Marketing Strategies for 2018

  1. The way we built our audience for videos, or our clients’ videos, is through simply paying for it. While our work is fabulous, not too many people are interested in watching commercials. We find video marketing requires an advertising budget, luckily we can prove a very precise cause and effect with every dollar invested due to Google Analytics/Facebook showing and tracking conversion results. The most successful platforms for online video marketing are the standards: Youtube and Facebook. Instagram is highly underutilized at the moment for advertisers but it has some oddities (time limits for example).
  2. The most effective online video marketing methods which work best are simply being genuine. Share that enthusiasm you have, the excitement and joy that made you get into the business you do now, and share the highs and lows! People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. So be likable, but be real. From there, if you’re honest and transparent putting out enjoyable content then you’ll see your conversions. The hardest part is finding out if you’re coming off as genuine, for that you need to ask someone besides yourself.
  3. One method we’ve cut back on is highly polished “have it together” type of corporate feel. We still do work with corporate clients, but instead of trying to be perfectly smooth and glossed over marketing videos, we’re now trying to have professional videos that still have that skin texture. If you’re familiar with photo editing and skin retouching, perhaps you’re familiar with the fact some skin retouching makes skin look plastic and professionals can edit your skin to still show texture. We want videos that still have texture – but still look professional and work.
  4. The last of our successful online video marketing strategies for 2018 is to learn about video marketing by simply watching Youtube ads. Turn off your ad-blocker or Youtube Red, and actually pay attention to ads you see. Take screenshots, save links to videos you think are amazing. Create a swipe file of videos you may want to emulate on a future marketing video and bring it to your video producer as inspiration for look and feel.

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