Introduction: Why would a company consider trade show video?

First off, are you excited for trade shows to be back? We are stoked.

Trade shows are a great way to get your brand in front of consumers and give you an opportunity to engage with them. They also allow brands the chance to show consumers how they use their products.

A great trade show display idea is to utilize large screen displays (TV or LED walls – depending on if you need something affordable or you have a larger budget). You can bring factory tours or product showcases for a variety of products you can display on the same digital signage.

To make your trade show booth a little more creative, you can also create video backgrounds that are just elaborate and interesting video shots that loop in the background to draw attention to your trade show exhibit.

The Complete Guide to Trade Show Video

The Advantages of Producing a Video Advertisement for a Trade Show Display or Booth

The advantages of creating a trade show video advertisement for your trade show display or booth include:

  • Save a TON of money using video advertisements rather than paying to physically ship and pay the cartage fees of large expo-type events.
  • You won’t miss out on the people just passing you by since you’ll be way more eye-catching and generate way more attention versus old printed banners
  • You won’t pay expensive per-pound cartage fees for large expo-type events by just bringing displays instead of large product displays
  • You won’t have to constantly change out your booth equipment, you simply load different video files to your displays.
  • You can update your trades show display with a different theme EVERY DAY! If your event has different themes across the multiple days of a convention, stand apart from the competition by actually making content themed to the event.
  • In-booth video advertising
  • Adaptive control – you can be reactive to what your sales reps are sharing. Meaning if they’re talking with a guest, they can select different videos based on what the attendee is most interested in.

Making Video On The Trade Show Floor

Some tradeshows allow camera crews, but most don’t. They will not stop anyone from taking pictures or video, but they will not be happy if you are disrupting the guest experience.

If you want to film on the trade show floor, you need to embrace the event. Here are some ideas:

  • In booth interview: have an actor asking questions of your sales associates as if they are a guest or media representative. You can go all professional interview or more candid consumer – that just depends on your goals and the look you want.
  • In booth Livestream: imagine streaming LIVE from your booth every hour for 10 minutes doing mini-live-segments. You’d bring in different experts, once every hour for the 3-day event. It’s an excuse to create a ton of valuable content that can be shared after your event but also generate a bunch of buzz at your event IF you do giveaways, bonuses, and incentives for people to actually show up in person. We’ve been to some expos giving away products that generated over 200 people standing around a single booth – all the way down the aisles. If you then ask for guests to check-in or comment on a post to be eligible to win, you can generate a TON of social online engagement.

Here’s how to loop videos on a tradeshow booth TV.

The main thing when trying to loop a video on a USB thumb drive is making sure you have the video in the proper resolution and file type. While TV’s can often play back media – they often are very particular about which file types they can open or play back.

The best route is to Google your specific TV model number + manual and look up what file types are compatible.

Also make sure your USB drive is formatted to the right type. Fat 32 is pretty common. NTFS (windows) format or MacExtended will usually not even be recognized by your TV.

If you’re frustrated and you’re wondering why won’t your tv recognize your usb drive, it’s likely due to the wrong formatting and wrong file type on your thumb drive.

After you’ve double checked the format and file type, these videos found on Youtube will help setup the looping playback for popular Samsung and Sony TV’s. Any other TV will likely be similar. Setup, input selection, external file, select looping playback, and go.

Here’s how to loop videos on a Samsung TV

Here’s how to loop videos on a Sony Bravia TV

Trade Show In-Booth Video Production Tips:

We all know trade shows are not inexpensive – they are a definite investment.

You can use trade show in-booth video production as a creative way to create an attention-grabbing product demo without spending as much money.

Let me explain.

You can use any lighting, background, and props that are already in your show booth to create the video for everyone NOT at the tradeshow for a fraction of the per-person cost as your event.

How do you do in-booth video production?

Like the tips shared in the section above – if you decide to bring in a video camera operator to film your demonstrations, you can create content here with a live audience quickly and easily.

Speak with a solid corporate video production company that’s experienced in this type of thing and tell them what you want.

They’ll take care of the rest for you!

Also, if you simply want to create some video with graphics, text, and some video clips for a more basic looping video graphic – you can use an Ai video maker tool like InVideo.

How to Create a High-Converting Video for a Trade Show Display or Booth

We did a video for a company called Safety Rail Company – with the goal of creating an eye-catching high converting video for their digital tvs in their booths around the country.

The best way to create a high converting video is to make sure it has a high impact. So for this manufacturing and industrial video, we filmed a rather complete factory drone tour video from arriving at the plant, through engineering, through welding and fabrication, through the robot and powder coating, and on to the final trucks for delivery.

If you like this high-converting video for their trade show booth, share a link to this article with someone that might be inspired by it.

Our commercial production tip for video ads like this – though it was more of a tradeshow display ad and not a typical video ad from Youtube, is to stay focused on your plans and goals.

The goal was to showcase the process and position the company as the industry leader of made in USA safety railings.

Conclusion & Takeaways: What We Learned And The Next Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Trade Show Video

  • Don’t miss out on the opportunity to plan content to be used in your booth on the show floor
  • Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture valuable content to be shared on social media before, during, and after your event
  • Do consider using live stream video to generate more interest in your booth as well as reach a wider audience as a virtual event.

How can we help you?

We have helped multiple companies with trade show video content.

As a video production company, we develop video production content that helps both the large corporate clients and the more mid-size companies that want to make a splash while also building a strong marketing asset beyone just one tradeshow.

A creative way to create an attention-grabbing product demo without expensive equipment.

You can use any lighting, background, and props that are already in your show booth to create the trade show video that gets the results you want.

Get footage of your product or service being made – installed – delivered – and used.

This saves so much money versus shipping large physical products to trade show floors.

At the event – if you’re filming at the event – focus on customer stories, testimonials, and capturing the experience of being at the event.

This extends the reach beyond the 4 walls of your event!

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