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For the past decade living in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, our founder can tell you that this town has a rich history and some truly amazing landmarks that are worth exploring. And if you’re planning a corporate meeting or event in the area, you’ll definitely want to consider working with Provid Films – a top-notch video production company camera crew in Coon Rapids MN that knows how to capture the essence of this great city.

What is the origins of Coon Rapids Minnesota?

First, let’s talk about Coon Rapids itself. The name is quite new as it was incorporated quite recently in just 1952 and then in 1959 as an official city (when the Coon Rapids Dam was built), though this place has a long and storied history that dates back to the early days of Minnesota’s statehood. Named after the Coon Creek that runs through the town, Coon Rapids was originally settled by French-Canadian fur trappers and traders, who used the creek as a transportation route for their goods. Over the years, the town grew and evolved, becoming a hub of industry and commerce for the surrounding area.

video production and camera crew in Coon Rapids MN
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What is Coon Rapids MN known for?

Today, Coon Rapids is home to a number of landmarks that reflect its rich history and unique character. One of the most iconic is the Coon Rapids Dam, which spans the Mississippi River and provides hydroelectric power to the surrounding area. The dam was originally built in 1913 and has been a fixture of the town ever since. Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the river and surrounding landscape from the top of the dam, as well as hiking and biking trails that wind through the nearby park.

Best places in Coon Rapids MN to visit while you’re here

Another must-see landmark in Coon Rapids is the Bunker Hills Regional Park. This massive park spans over 1,600 acres and offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, golfing, and more. Visitors can also explore the beautiful Bunker Beach Water Park, which features a variety of water slides, pools, and other attractions.

Of course, no visit to Coon Rapids would be complete without checking out some of the town’s amazing restaurants and shops. From local favorites like the Daily Dose Cafe and Cravings Wine Bar & Grille to national chains like Starbucks and Buffalo Wild Wings, there’s something for everyone in Coon Rapids. And if you’re looking for some retail therapy, be sure to visit the Riverdale Village shopping center, which features a wide range of stores and restaurants in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Camera crew in Coon Rapids MN

Why choose Provid Films for video production or camera crew services in Coon Rapids?

Simple – because we aren’t just your ordinary video production camera crew in Coon Rapids MN – we are locals. We know the area, we know it’s unique character and charm. Whether you’re hosting a conference at the Bunker Hills Event Center or filming a promotional video for your business at one of the town’s many landmarks, we’ll work with you to create a video that captures the essence of Coon Rapids and showcases your event in the best possible light.

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What sets Provid Films apart? For one thing, we’re all about creativity and innovation. We don’t just show up and shoot – we work with you to come up with a unique, engaging vision that captures your brand and message in a dynamic, visually stunning way. Whether we’re capturing the energy of a live event or helping you tell your story through video, we always bring a fresh, innovative perspective to our work.

But we’re also dedicated to professionalism, punctuality, and outstanding customer service. We know that when you’re planning an event or production, every minute counts – so we always show up on time, dressed appropriately, and ready to roll. We’re friendly, approachable, and easy to work with, too, so you can feel confident that your project is in good hands.

So if you’re planning a corporate meeting or event in Coon Rapids, don’t hesitate to contact Provid Films.

We’ll work with you to create a video that showcases your event and captures the unique character of this great town.

At Provid Films, we are a premier video production company that specializes in creating dynamic and engaging videos for businesses. From promotional videos and commercials to event coverage and training videos, we are your business video content experts.

Our team of expert camera operators, producers, directors, sound technicians, lighting technicians, production assistants and satellite engineers are at your ready if you’re in need of a satellite camera crews. Our team works closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals, and then craft custom videos that capture your brand and message in a powerful, visually stunning way.

Talking about satellite camera crews.

What does a satellite camera crew look like?

A satellite camera crew covering a live event or news story typically includes several positions, including:

  1. Producer: Responsible for planning and coordinating the logistics of the shoot, including securing permits and arranging for transportation and accommodations.
  2. Director: Oversees the production process and works with the production team to ensure that shots are properly framed and lit, and that the footage is of high quality.
  3. Camera Operator: Operates the satellite camera to capture video footage of the news story. They are responsible for framing shots, adjusting the focus and exposure, and making sure that the camera is stable and in focus.
  4. Sound Technician: Responsible for capturing high-quality audio of the news story. They may use a boom mic or lavalier microphones to capture clear, crisp audio.
  5. Lighting Technician: Sets up lighting equipment and adjusts the lighting to ensure that the shot is properly lit and visually appealing.
  6. Satellite Engineer: Responsible for setting up and maintaining the satellite transmission equipment that sends the video footage back to the news station.
  7. Production Assistant: Assists the producer and director with various tasks, such as setting up equipment, carrying gear, and making runs to pick up supplies or equipment.

Together, these individuals work as a team to capture compelling footage of the news story and ensure that it is transmitted back to the news station in a timely and reliable manner.

With a focus on creativity, innovation, and outstanding customer service, we’re committed to helping our clients stand out in a crowded marketplace and achieve their business objectives through the power of video.

Do we offer services outside the Coon Rapids area?

Yes! Of course.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota is located in Anoka County, in the central part of the state. The city is bordered by several other cities, including:

  • Near Andover to the northeast
  • Near Ramsey to the northwest
  • Near Blaine to the east
  • Near Champlin to the south
  • Near Brooklyn Park to the southwest
  • Near Dayton to the west

These cities are all part of the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area and are easily accessible via several major highways, including Interstate 35W and Minnesota State Highway 10.

The lower part of Coon Rapids is only about 20 minutes North of downtown Minneapolis MN.

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