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Little did anyone know that on Valentines day 2005 a little startup called Youtube would change the world of video advertising from around the world to our own Minneapolis. From large tv advertising production companies to powerhouse advertising firms like Mithun, Olson, Periscope and even up-and-coming marketing agencies like Nina-Hale and Three Deep Marketing, to video production companies in Minneapolis / Saint Paul / Twin Cities, the combined efforts and talents have put Minnesota on the national map as a leader in the digital advertising space.

TV Commercials vs Internet Video Advertisements

Back in 2005, video advertising was primarily TV commercial based given the seemingly universal saturation of TVs and the lack of ways to really watch digital videos outside of a desktop computer. Try and remember the days before smartphones, tablets, and even laptops were as ubiquitous as they are today. There was no App market and no Google Play, no iOS devices or Android this or that.

It wasn’t until 2007 when the original iPhone was released and even 2008 where the first iPhone had a 3g data connection that there was even a mainstream way to watch a video on-the-go. If you follow the market penetration of smartphones and the eventual introduction of the iPad and tablets in general, you’ll see the rise of internet video and internet video advertising. TV continues to be a giant powerhouse with an industry $40 Billion spent each year, but keep in mind that’s the entire tv advertising industry. Youtube alone has grown to over $4 Billion in annual revenue.

Total media and marketing for 2015 reached $427 billion… that leaves a lot of growth potential for video advertisers.

When it comes to gaining more customer airtime, keep in mind only about 3 billion people on earth even have internet access and Youtube has over 1 billion unique active viewers every single month. They like to watch a lot of videos as well. 4 Billion videos each and every day.

One of the unique advantages of working with a small Minnesota digital video advertising and production company is the ability to create local TV commercial quality videos on site at your business – and tailoring those videos to your specialized unique audience.

Popular Youtube advertising targeting methods include:

  • Demographics like age, sex, parental status
  • Interests like football, hiking, cooking
  • Remarketing (showing ads specifically to people who’ve already been to your website)
  • Placement targeting to geographic locations
  • Topics and Keyword targeting for ultra-specific advertising options (example: customers searching for a competitors product item – showing ads for your service or product)
  • Many more options!


Video advertising options for small businesses.

Aside from Youtube, there are other video platforms and one of the best professional video hosting options available is Wistia. Wistia is a great video advertising solution for small businesses because of their advanced viewer tracking, video split testing, and integrated video call to actions which help increase in lead generation and email marketing.

Wistia doesn’t work as a traditional ad platform to promote your videos in front of new viewers, they are merely one of the best alternatives to embedding Youtube videos on a website.



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video advertising by provid films