I was trying to setup WordPress manually for a new website and couldn’t figure out how to setup the Wordress config file on Ionos by 1&1. It took a lot longer than it should be – to figure out what settings go where.

Here’s a step by step overview:

  1. register the domain with Google Domains

Setup external domain on 1and1 / ionos > https://my.ionos.com/connect-x-domain (you have to be logged into Ionos and have an account) – if it doesn’t work use the instructions below

  1. Go to the link, type in your domain
  2. On the next window, select your contract
  3. Select Ionos name server on the Set Up External Domain
  4. Your selection is being applied… we are now starting to set up your domain according to your information
  5. select “add domain” to ionos / 1&1. Click through to select the contract you have (for me, Basic)

Next steps:

You will be immediately able to use your Domain. To be able to use your domain regularly with IONOS, please provide your domain provider with the IONOS name servers within 30 days.

IONOS Name server (yours may be different)

  • ns1045.ui-dns.org
  • ns1045.ui-dns.de
  • ns1045.ui-dns.biz
  • ns1045.ui-dns.com

If you can’t get to that transfer window, here’s a fallback path to get there.

  1. scroll down to “Transfer your domain now”
  2. Type in your domain, then click “transfer”
  3. Scroll down “setup external domain”
  4. That will redirect you here: https://my.ionos.com/connect-x-domain (note – you can’t view that page without logging in)
  5. scroll down, eventually there will be a window in the “buy a new domain” (weird I know) to

Download WordPress, and unzip it on your desktop.

Inside Ionos, select “Hosting Overview”

Select Databases > Manage > Create Database (You’ll need these details:

Database Name: DBS######

Username: DBU###

Password: (make it difficult)

Database Host: db#####..hosting-data.io

Table Prefix: (don’t change)


I use FTP Filezilla (free).

Setup a new FTP account in Ionos or find your login info

Add a new database, save your password.

Log into your FTP, Create a new folder with the name of your domain. This will be the “parent” domain that your website points to. So when you add files directly inside here, like providfilms .com/inquiry.pdf it will point directly to that inquiry.pdf file. No extra work needed when you upload files inside your FTP.

Inside that folder, upload the files you unzipped.

DO NOT create a “wordpress” folder inside the website folder. Instead, move all those files/subfolders up to the top folder.

Go back to Ionos, select Domains & SSL

“Find Domains” > open the domain settings

Click for the Target on the > Adjust Webspace Directory > navigate to the folder and point it to the FOLDER you just created.

Beyond here, save and you’re ready to go!

You’ve now created the domain name, you’ve pointed it to 1&1 / Ionos, you’ve pointed that domain to the folder on your FTP Folder in your host.

That’s fairly easy, the tricky part I couldn’t find is the following details.

Database Name: DBS######

Username: DBU###

Password: (make it difficult)

Database Host: db#####..hosting-data.io

Table Prefix: (don’t change)


Boom – Click submit – and you’re installed!

No “premium wordpress” needed! You just did it yourself in a half hour, and you can host a bunch of sites for the low monthly ionos hosting fees rather than paying per website.