Camera Rental in Atlanta – 3 Easy Packages for your camera rental needs!

We help the top companies and corporations in the Atlanta region get the camera package they to create the video’s they desire. We are dedicated to assisting our customers in obtaining top-notch video footage for a variety of projects.

To make things super streamlined, we provide 3 different custom designed camera (and all the needed accessories) packages to fit any production need and price range.

Camera rental in Atlanta Georgia

3 Options for Camera rental in Atlanta

Our primary rental package is the basics – camera, lenses, batteries, storage, lighting including 2 lights, a clip on wireless lavalier microphone and 1 operator.

Our 2 camera package includes 2 cameras – a similar gear list plus an additional (now 3 instead of 2) lights, and an assistant to help with gear load in, load out, and setup and tear down.

Our streaming package is for the company that wants to do a virtual shoot so that they can avoid traveling into town for the shoot. We stream your video feed back to you on a Zoom, Teams or Meets video call so you can see the actual video feed (and audio) feed to give feedback. This streaming package has been highly popular since 2020 and many companies wanting to get a top quality professional interview without flying an entire crew in for a shoot. This package includes 1 or 2 camera setups, 3 lights, wireless and boom mic, and computer / livestream encoding setup. We can also add on teleprompter rentals for an interrotron style setup so your talent can look directly into the video while it feels like a basic 2 way conversation.

We can offer more than just rentals, we can offer all the services you’d look for in an Atlanta Video Production Company

If you’re looking for a more exhaustive rental catalog with options, including any of the gear below, reach out and we’ll connect you.

Beyond just camera rental in Georgia, we also offer:

  1. Cameras: This could include professional-grade rigs like the Sony FX7, BlackMagic Ursa Mini G2, Sony FS7 or Canon C300
  2. Lenses: prime lenses, zoom lenses, and specialty lenses such as macro or fisheye lenses.
  3. Tripods: lightweight travel tripods, heavy-duty studio tripods
  4. Monitors: on-camera monitors, directors monitors, tv rentals, etc.
  5. Audio equipment: boom mics, lav mics, mixers, audio recorders, and other sound-capture equipment.
  6. Lighting: Aputure 600d Pro, 300d II, 200d, 200x, Nanlight tubes, SmallRig 200 small light stands and modifiers.
  7. Grip equipment: C-stands, sandbags, apple boxes, etc
  8. Cases and bags: Variety of cases and bags to help you transport and protect your equipment.

Inventory varies along with availability due to rentals and project – so it’s always best to reach out to see what’s available.

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