While 2 week can be considered a pretty quick turnaround, there are a few instances where you need super fast video production. Let’s dive in.

fast video production process graphic provid films MN

A couple of times that come to mind for fast video production would include:

  1. Breaking news – where you want nearly instant broadcasting whether that be live or just minutes from shooting.
  2. Events / same day edits – this is where you finish from shooting perhaps all day long and then in less than an hour edit together a video to be shown during the event live while all of the guests are still there. Examples would be wedding videography telling the story of the couple and sharing actual footage in a music video produced same day and shared live during the reception.
  3. Revision teams – when a video has to go through multiple levels of approval, examples being corporate or heavily regulated content like finance, having a fast revision process can be required to even get the video out in a reasonable timeframe.
  4. Tight schedules – when a business needs a tradeshow video, a new product release video, or a highlight video about an event but not necessarily same day edit – having a streamlined editing system can really enable video production with fast turnarounds.

The downsides of a fast video production

  1. Higher stress1
  2. Sometimes higher cost
  3. Scheduling challenges
  4. Logistics
  5. Magnifies errors
  6. Less fine control / revisions possible

The positives of a fast video process

  1. High stress is over sooner
  2. Creative restraints helps limit project scope creep
  3. Time constraints reduce revisions / post production expenses sometimes
  4. Less time on post production allows for more content creation overall

Typical production turnaround is about 2 weeks from finishing up shooting to completion of the first video editing round. Often projects are approved right away without any editing revisions but often there is a minor tweak. Depending on the project / budget / schedule, these edits can take a couple of days to be completed and a new video is rendered and uploaded for feedback. Depending on the size of the project this could be 1, 2, or even 10 rounds of revisions. The goal is to minimize edits and to complete all of the video editing process as fast as possible – both to keep within the initial budget as well as just being able to get the video out into the marketplace!