With the launch of the new Goldwind Works Training Program, Provid Films had the privilege to bring our gear out Findlay Ohio and Compton Illinois. The Findlay, OH wind farm project is located right next to the Whirlpool Corporation and Ball Corporation and at the time of our video filming only consisted of a handful of wind turbines but they were undoubtedly impressive none-the-less.

As the first time producing a corporate video for a wind power company, this project was a surprisingly fun project to be on!

Growing up in Minnesota and driving through the Buffalo Ridge Wind Farm each way visiting my grandparents, I’ve grown up fascinated by wind turbines (until meeting the wind technicians at Goldwind I used to call them windmills). Their sheer enormity and scale are hard to comprehend until you see people going in them and realize how massive they really are.

The Findlay Ohio windfarm near the Whirlpool plant and Bell corporation was a blast getting to get inside the actual wind turbine and conduct our video interviews on-site at an actual wind farm.

Throughout the project, my mindset shifted a bit towards the wind. Rather than looking it as this thing we’re doing to the earth (like burning a limited finite amount of coal we have in the earth to generate power), wind is more like sustainable farming. When done in a responsible manner, harvesting plants from a field doesn’t harm the field. We rely on commercial and/or organic farmers because without them we wouldn’t have enough food to survive on this earth as humans. It’s somewhat like this and energy.

We need food just as much as we need energy – we can’t grow food without using energy. The two are easily entwined.

You may need to rotate crops to ensure nutrients and the field stays healthy and productive – but for the most part – over time farmers are able to grow more and more food per acre every year. You don’t “run out” of dirt when done responsibly. Same goes with wind power.

With wind power, you don’t “run out” of wind electricity. It’s clean similar to how farming is clean. Farming isn’t all white gloves and easy hours – it’s hard work and impacts the landscape – but it’s a critical component to humans not dying. Without electricity – our lives would be dramatically changed as well. Just think the device you’re reading this on right now just not working because you don’t have access to electricity… It touches everything in modern life.

Wind farming can offer us that clean energy if we want to take advantage of it – but we have to support it first.



Promotional Video by Provid Films for the Goldwind Works Training Program

Video created by Minneapolis corporate video production company Provid Films.


Edited by Tatum