It was a joy to do the live band recording setup of jazz duo – Jason Price Music Services at the Aria Event Center in Minneapolis MN. Jason Price Music Services is one of the best live bands in the Minneapolis / St Paul MN area.
The main bands under his label include: Infinity Variety Band, Gatsby Gang Jazz Band, and a Jazz Trio.
This video shows two of his musicians – saxophone and keyboard – that would be a great live music option for a corporate event, wedding, reunion etc.

Live Band Recording Setup of Zoom H6 for Jazz Duo

How to do a live band recording setup for video:

  1. Mic each instrument and singer
  2. Record each track separately (Zoom h6)
  3. Internal audio recording from each video camera
  4. Monitor audio live through mixer

Common issues with recording videos of live band performances:

  1. Not enough people (running around)
  2. Not monitoring the audio feed
  3. Mixing the live feed with the recording mix
  4. Peaking
  5. Static in the line
  6. Not long enough microphone cables to make it across stage to the mixer
  7. Not enough mics
  8. Mics for the drums

How to edit a live band video:

  1. Sync the video and audio files (Plural Eyes)
  2. Mute / turn down channels you’re not using (built in camera mics)
  3. Adjust levels of each instrument
  4. Fade in/out instruments as needed
  5. EQ each channel
  6. Final audio file mixdown

Jazz band filmed live at the (Formerly) Aria Event Center, 105 1st Street North, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Produced by providfilms.com

If you have any questions about the live band recording setup, fill out the inquiry form and I’d be happy to talk you through the process!