We want to share our script writing tips for beginners. An essential tool to fitting everything that you want to say about your business into our tight schedule is by writing a script beforehand. This will ensure that you cover all of the necessary information while sounding & appearing comfortable on camera.

Quick Script Tips:

Keep Scripts within 150-190 words per minute. This isn’t too fast or too slow of a reading – it depends on the topic and writing style – for instance if you’re speaking names or places versus if you’re more casually speaking or describing something.

Use a free word counter tool like: http://www.wordcounttool.com/)

Key Sections:

  • Introduction
  • 3 product or service highlight paragraphs
  • Conclusion (with a Call To Action)

script writing tips for beginners
script writing tips for beginners

Sample Introduction Paragraph:

“Hi, I’m Travis Johansen the founder of Provid Films. Provid Films is a corporate video production company Minneapolis, Minnesota specializing in small- and medium-sized films that help businesses connect with their online audience.

Breakdown of the script:

Hi, I’m <Your Name> with <Your Business Name>. We are a <business category> company based out of <City, State> specializing in <short synopsis of what your business does>.

3 Product / Service Highlight Paragraphs:

Bullet point what you’d like to include in each of the sections. Go back and transform those points into paragraph form.

Sample Conclusion / Call To Action Paragraph:

If you’re looking for a Minneapolis video production company to create a video that will help your business generate more leads, call Provid Films at 612-208-8819 or check out www.providfilms.com

If you’re looking for a <description of business> to <service you offer> that will <your business promise>, call <business name> at <phone> or check out <website>.


Rehearse! I strongly encourage whomever will be reading the script on camera to PRACTICE out loud and in front of a mirror to get both comfortable and familiar with the content of the script. If it doesn’t read aloud smoothly, then modify the script to sound more natural. The goal is to sound natural and BE natural.

Did these script writing tips for beginners help you? Still having issues?


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 Next Step: Create a Shot List

Most often the goal of a video is to show potential clients what it’s like to experience your company – which starts with them entering your business and then the different touch points they encounter from there (the first person they meet, to the last moment walking out the door).

Brainstorm these touch points (i.e. “moments”) you want your video viewer to experience. This may be simple categories (front desk, production room, sales floor, etc.) and might include actual customer interactions that you want to highlight. If actual clients may be difficult to include, employees dressed and acting as clients often work well.

A shot list typically contains about 10-15 different shots/locations at your business for a 1 minute video, 15-20 for a 90 second video

Create a bullet point list of these for simple onsite shooting.


  • Main Road / front of building
  • Client coming in the front door
  • Client getting greeted by friendly staff
  • Service A.
  • Service B.
  • Service C.
  • etc.

Think of a good location for the interview / talking part of the video. The most important part is that it’s a quiet location. We’ll turn off the heat / AC / fans / music and anything making noise. This ensures the best clean audio possible. Secondarily – we want somewhere that’s visually attractive with something interesting in the background (NOT a blank wall in a tiny office).

When the filmmaker comes on-site, they can help you with picking the location. It’s helpful to have a few places “in mind” with thought towards how noises can be silenced.

Again, any questions feel free to reach out with more information about your project and we’d be happy to jump on a 15 minute no-obligation video call to see if we can help. These calls are currently free as of the writing of this article!