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Welcome to Provid Films, a professional service provider for teleprompter operators in Minneapolis MN for the film, television, and event industries. Our team of experienced camera crew have a deep understanding of the technical aspects of teleprompter operation, plus the personality to work seamlessly with actors, presenters, executives and a variety of on-camera talent.

With our expertise and attention to detail, you can deliver your message with confidence and clarity, whether you are filming a commercial, producing a live event, or recording a television show.

Clients routinely tell our prompter operators that they LOVED having the words on screen to read – and praise the operators for perfectly matching and adapting to their personal pace or cadence. Plus they often love how our operators help teach people to use a prompter while doing it in a calm and caring way that makes them feel confident on camera.

teleprompter operators in Minneapolis

What makes our teleprompter operators in Minneapolis unique?

Teleprompter operation requires a level of skill and professionalism, and our crew is uniquely selected and trained to deliver the best possible results.

We are constantly listening to our customers and looking for ways to not only be good – but a great camera crew.

Things like:

  • backup computers
  • professionally dressed and clean appearance
  • ready for corporate / executive projects

We also own / operate a variety of Minneapolis Teleprompter Rental Gear options:

  • Through-the-lens
    • iPad/Tablet Portable
    • Small (pc computer based)
    • Large (pc computer based
  • Presidential / Confidence
    • High Bright / Matching Pair
Standard teleprompter rental in Minneapolis with Sony FS7 Camera on it

In addition to our technical expertise, our crew is known for our positive attitude and ability to work well under pressure. We understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines and staying within budget, and we are committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations.

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Camera Crew Near Minneapolis

We’re actually headquartered in Minneapolis so we know the area and we have multiple camera crew operators available to help our client’s with their projects if they need something last minute.

If you are also looking for more than just prompter ops in Minneapolis and maybe need some help filling out your camera crew in Minneapolis or you need additional If you need a camera crew in Minneapolis, use the form below to reach out.

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