Giro Boat 1961 – Real or Scam?

By now you’ve probably heard about the Giro Boat and the video from 1961 (supposedly 1961) – we’ve been asking around here if there’s more evidence to this actually being more than just a fake video – before we reveal our finding of whether it’s real or scam or a clever viral marketing video by Evinrude…

Before we dive deep, take a minute and rewatch the video. Pay attention to the giro-boat, the specs they say (2o miles per hour), and other “scientific-sounding” details. It’s really convincing, right?

Ok so now we’re all familiar with what is the Giro Boat from 1961 pulled by those Evinrude boats, before we rip apart the video let’s remember that this isn’t the only weird type of vehicle we’ve seen throughout time.

There are many different types of boats, dating as early as the first civilizations. When it comes to hunting and gathering food, one of the best ways on the water is by boat. While there are many types of boats, there are some not talked about. In fact, some of these boats have so little known about them that not very many even believe they exist; one of these hidden treasures being the Giroboat. This boat is believed to be created in the early 1960s in Scotland, with another secret to it; the giroboat has earned the nickname “the flying boat”. How can there be a flying boat? The best part? This boat appears to have such a simple, easy-to-understand design.

There are videos waiting to be discovered all over the internet and they all seem to have a couple of main similarities to them. Many of the videos that have been seen showing someone sitting inside a boat-like floating device that is pulled forward by a speedboat. Before the speedboat moves the person sitting inside rotates these helicopter-like blades that are above their head. As the speedboat pulls the boat, the blades spin faster, catching air and causing the boat to levitate above the water. The Black Poole Gazette in the UK boasts about a video showing the giroboat reaching about 30 in height and traveling the length of the lake in the video. Videos of this boat can be seen on many different websites, youtube being one of them.

The big question, though, is if this boat has such a simple design, why does it not exist today? Many don’t believe that this boat is real because it is not very easy to find much information about this boat. However, just like any hidden treasure, after a bit of digging one can find some information on it.

What if, though, it wasn’t actually a gyro boat at all?

Upon further research into aircraft – it turns out that this is actually a type of plane that’s been developed quite a lot over the years.

They use the same principle of a rotating blade (or rotating wing) propelled forward by an engine rather than a boat towing it. It’s quite interesting in being an almost blend between a helicopter (rotating wing) and a more regular small airplane (which requires a landing strip to take off and land).

They still require you to go forward (unlike a helicopter which can take off straight up and down) but are rather small and compact in an airport hanger. Some people say they are actually more simple than a typical airplane – though to a layman they still seem complex like a helicopter!

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