There are a lot of different types of corporate video – each with its own benefits.

An example of a corporate video would be this recruiting video for the wind energy giant Goldwind Americas.

Corporate Video Example

Things that make it a great example of a corporate video:

  • it has a clear message
  • it is professional
  • it represents the brand in the video at the level that the company wants to be known for
  • it works with the corporate brand more than the local franchise or chain operator

The process to make a corporate video is partly what differentiates a corporate video from say a small business video. Often with large corporations, the video is made for the corporate side of the business and the local “boots on the ground” are your local franchisee or operators.

There are a TON of different corporate video categories you can create – each with their own benefits. Examples include (bolded = benefit)

  • recruiting videos (saves recruiters time / expands reach)
  • new employee training videos (saves training time, faster and more efficient)
  • internal announcement videos (more personal connection with employees, higher retention rate of information)
  • external marketing videos (higher conversion rate, lower ad costs)
  • internal product training for sales people (consistent training, easier for employees to retain the information)
  • external product training for consumers (24/7 sales person who shares stories and information without asking for a day off, you make it once and it works again and again, scaleable)
  • the video business card (the ultimate video to share your company story with prospects)
  • the website home page video (hook viewers on your website)
  • the contact page video (increase conversions of website visitors to website inquiries or purchases)
  • the about us page video (2nd most popular page on a website – build trust)
  • videos for your lobby / digital signage (cross pollinate / educate people visually about something that text or printed material fails)
  • videos for tradeshows (eye catching – improves your ROI on tradeshow dollars)

Often people think videos are just for things like movies, tv commercials, and maybe a wedding videographer… but there are truly endless amounts of corporate video.

In 2020 – due to Covid – we’ve seen an explosion in new categories of videos for corporations including:

  • livestreaming events that were in-person (keep connecting with potential customers, existing customers, or employees when you can’t be in person)
  • UGC (user generated content) where employees film on their iPhone and send us the video clips to be edited by a professional video editing company (make authentic / on the spot videos where a professional camera crew doesn’t make sense, more affordable)
  • home studio consulting where employees get lights and a microphone to do their own video content (make multiple “remote studios” that are “good enough” for your corporate video content capture needs, saves money after your 10th video or so)
  • video hangouts with games for socializing with co-workers within a company (boost morale, increase employee engagement, increase employee retention, boost team feelings, unite your team)
  • video networking events (replacing in person networking events like the chamber of commerce, bni, etc). (avoid in person events, save on travel expenses, niche your connections, connect with people globally)

Who am I?

My name is Travis – Founder of Provid Films – a top corporate video production company in Minneapolis MN

I have been in the video/photo industry for more than a decade and seen the transition (and made the transition) from poor quality video with difficult distribution controlled by TV networks and DVD / shipping to what is now ultra-high-definition, mobile video you can access anywhere in the world from the device in your pocket.

In just a decade – we’ve gone from TV being a large device that had to use cabled connections or large companies broadcasting signal – to every consumer having access to anything anytime anywhere.

The flexibility of corporate video is now as widespread as you can imagine – and that’s why I actually quite enjoy working in the corporate video industry.

If your corporation is interested in raising their game and wants to create the best corporate video in Minneapolis MN – visit and we’d be happy to help.