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Top questions people have:

1) Do we film in your area? 

Yes we do!  

We have camera crews available for last minute projects nationwide – plus being located next to the best airport in North America gives us direct flights most major metro (DC, Vegas, Denver, Orlando all less than 3 1/2hr direct flights) for those projects we don’t have someone locally. Drop a note below.


2) Do we have experience filming xyz…

Yes we do!  

Send us a message and ask for samples.

Many projects we do can’t be posted publically but we can share privately


 3) Do we offer freelance “camera crews” – footage only?

Yes we do!  

 We can provide whatever level of production you need.

From a big team to a solo camera operator



4) What do you charge?

All of our projects (with the exception of our video business card) are custom quoted projects.

Send us a message below and we’d be happy to get you an estimate in writing.


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For immediate assistance, please call:

Inside Minnesota: 612.208.8819

Outside Minnesota: 1-800-397-8461